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Whats with my fingernails

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  • Posted By: irislovingirl
  • June 6, 2009
  • 04:49 PM

I recently noticed that when I grow my fingernails out the color of them changes. For instance, The longest part of the nail is white, then there is a strip of clear nail that grew, and then returns to the nice white nail. I am stumped by what this could be. I havent changed anything in my life that would cause these weird looking nails. I have many other things wrong with me, but I think this might be a clue to the overall reason that I am sick.

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  • if possible can post a pic of your fingers becoz i didnt actually understand what you are trying to say.I m a medical student maybe i could help
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  • Here is a pic. Both nails show the same abnormal growth pattern.
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  • i don't think its a problem,it usually happens when u grow ur nails that large and the white color is due to lack of blood supply which is normal for nails.
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  • to be on safer side get ur albumin checked, if that's normal i don't think u have any problemlet me know if u do it
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  • It would be useful to know what all your symptoms are. You are right - whatever we have happening in our body is all related. We do not have 6 or 8 different diseases. We always have an underlying issue - usually some toxins that our bodies are unable to clear. There is a good chance that you have candida, problems with gas, bloating, acid reflux, allergies, aches and pains, low energy, inability to digest food well, particularly dairy, wheat, and sugar (white carbs), headaches, difficult periods and PMS, maybe feel depressed. All this and more could be candida. go to www.yeastconnection.com and fill out the questionaire. It will give you an indication of whether this could be your problem. If it is, then it attracts and holds onto other toxins like metals - lead, mercury, cadmium, etc and parasites so the problem becomes compounded. I can help you get rid of the candida and other toxins. For most people you will begin to feel way better almost at once and will continue to improve over 6 or 8 months. And your nails should change quite quickly. Great notice on your part. I would love to talk to you. Can we figure out how? I learned all this because my beloved daughter had many symptoms that stumped the doctors. They wanted to give her 8 prescriptions for 8 different drugs. She is well now. And if candida is not the problem I can help you find out what is.
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