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What could this be?

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  • Posted By: Serendi3
  • July 31, 2008
  • 04:12 PM

It all started this past Sunday...

@ my daughter's friend's birthday. It was held half indoors and half outdoors - I sat in grass. The itching started within an hour of sitting in the grass but I've never had an allergic reaction to grass before so??? Here are all of my symptoms in the order that they have happened...

Sunday - Itching, hives on arms, legs and butt, swollen and painful to walk on knees & bottoms of feet. Went to ER and was given Bendryll and told to contact PCP if symptoms persisted.

Monday - Itching, hives on arms and legs, swollen and painful to move wrists. Knees no longer swollen or painful but feet still swollen and painful to walk on. PCP's day off, spoke with another DR and was prescribed 60MG of Prednisone per day for 5 days over the phone.

Tuesday - Itching, hives on arms and legs, swollen hands and fingers to the point that I almost went to ER because ring on finger started to cut off circulation. Went into DR office and was given 600mg shot of Prednisone, swelling and itching gone within 20 minutes of shot. No appetite.

Wednesday - Hives on checks, forehead and neck. Called PCP was told to rest and continue Bendryll and Prednisone - which I was. No appetite.

Thursday - Swollen lips and swollen right eye, hives on hips. Vomiting and diarrhea. Called PCP this morning and was told that they could prescribe something for nausea - obviously no appetite. Again told to rest and continue Prednisone and Bendryll.

I have never in my life had an allergic reaction to ANYTHING.

My apartment was sprayed for centipedes last Tuesday but because I have small children only 3oz. of pesticide was used. I was told by the pest control company that any pesticides used would have dissipated by now.

I also checked with the landscaping company and no new fertilizers/chemicals were used.

The only prescription I was taking at the time was 90mg of minocycline per day; which I had been taking for 3 weeks for a surprise case of bad acne - which has been going on for several months. The last time I took this prescription was on Tuesday.

Also, for the last 3-4 months I have had extreme cases of fatigue - it was so bad at one point that I literally could not keep myself awake.

My PCP is clueless. After looking into this on the Internet and speaking with my PCP is could be a million and one different things. Everyday it seems to be something new and more annoying/painful - it's not getting better but worse.

I do have heart problems, two dysfunctional valves that may or may not need to be replaced sometime in my life. I have a close friend who's daughter has a similar heart problem and has had similar swelling issues in the past. Could this be it?

If it is just an allergic reaction then it would have to be something that I am still coming in contact with. I spoke with an allergist over the phone and from what I was told it could take months, if not longer to narrow down exactly what I am allergic to IF it's even an allergic reaction.

My youngest daughter has extremely sensitive skin so I closely watch what products I buy. I have not changed any products in my household from cleaners to shampoo and laundry soap etc... for over 8-months now. I have also not tried any "new" foods recently.

I've heard that some people just develop allergic reactions to different things over night - things that in the past have never caused an allergic reaction before and maybe this is my case? Hmmm???

Has anyone had any similar issues? I'm trying to narrow down what exactly all of this could be. Going to the allergist for months of testing sounds like a blast but I'd rather not, especially since all of this could be the result of a deeper lying issue.

Any advice or tips on things to research would be greatly appreciated.

- Going Crazy in Colorado

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