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What can be wrong with me????

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  • Posted By: inpain24/7
  • April 13, 2008
  • 11:22 PM

I was hit in the face by an object about 5-8 pounds, while looking up in Feb. I instantly felt the pain shoot down my neck and back, with lighheaded and dizzyness. I was being tough and did not go to the dr. until next morning. I was dizzy, nauseous, very lightheaded and had a severe Migraine nad very intense face and eye pain. I was up almost the whole night. 1 1/2 weeks later my legs started to hurt by the end of the day, after 2 weeks from date of injury i woke up with a new kind of pain in my head. I drove to work all confused it took me over 1 hr. normally 40 min. I could not remember getting there. I was shaking and felt very weak. I called dr. was told go to ER. I left and almost past out in elevator by time I got 4 miles away to get spouse. My legs were giving out. by time we got to hospital i could not walk. I was in hospital 8 days. they could not tell me what was wrong thought it was Post Trama Disorder or something. Stated I have arthritus in my cervical and lumbar and also a total of 5 herniated discs. It has been a month since I left the hospital and can not walk more then 100 yards without a shooting pain up and down my back into my head, along with off and on chest pains. My toes and feet tingle and go numb and so does my left arm and hand. It hurts to even move my head. My vision has gotten worse and I have to wear my reading glasses almost all the time I can not longet even read who is calling on my cell wqith out my glasses which was never a problem before my injury. I have gotten to where I can handle the pain at up to a 9.5 out of 10 with my normal pain 24/7 is about 8-9. They are saying my current issues have nothing to do with being hit in the face while looking up by a 5-8 pound object. Any suggestions . I go to a new spine dr. Wednesday and would love to know some questions i should ask etc. i have had 4 MRI's and Cat scan with only thing they notice is herniated disks and arthritus. I shake alot now and cannot hold anything more then 1-2 pounds for more then a minute or 2 including my phone. PLease HELP!!!!! I have no income and my old boss is fighting my claim stating not work related and I have to be able to know what to make sure DR. looks at or looks for so I can get my medical bills paid and Time Loss pay. As my claim depends on what this dr. says. I have a daily log of what has happened to me since the Hospital and right before. I AM DESPERATE FOR ANSWERS AS I JUST WANT TO GET MY MEDICAL BILLS PAID AND GET A NEW JOB AS I QUIT THE JOB I GOT INJURIED AT @ DAYS AFTER MY INJURY AND TOOK A DESK JOB THAT I LOST WHEN I WENT INTO THE HOSPITAL.

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