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What's wrong with me again? "Feverish", tired and in pain!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 28, 2007
  • 07:14 PM

One of the almost-daily things that happens to me is that I get a "slight" fever! It happens at some point in the day, but varies. Sometimes it is in the afternoon such as now and sometimes in the evening. It is always around 99.3-100.1. I know that is not really a fever, but I FEEL FEVERISH and always know when it is happening. I do not get really red either when this happens. Sometimes my cheeks turn pink. I do not think it is hot flashes. It is from my neck up. What the heck is this?

Here are my other symptoms:

severe fatigue since college (in late 30's now). I am fine on a light schedule for a few days and then I "crash" and need to sleep longer than usual and will have a hard time waking up. Like 12-13 hours.
Dr. 8 years ago thought I had mixed connective tissue disease. I saw one Dr. wrote a dx of fibromyalgia on a billing sheet, but never told me I had it. Rheumatologist said I did not meet all of the criteria to be dx Fibro, but had most of the symptoms.
I had chronic appendicitis (the pain localized and became worse over a period of months) 10 years ago, had appendectomy.
have "regularly occuring" kidney stones (calcium oxalate),
joint pain in my hands, knees, hips.
In the last 3 months, I started getting severe pain and swelling in my thumb (not the joint between the palm and thumb), but in the upper digits. The swelling receded a bit, but now my thumb clicks when I bend the upper joint.
I just found out I have a fatty liver while getting an u/s for my kidneys.
overweight -- due to the fatigue I gained 80-100 pounds in the last 10 years.
headaches, used to get migraines (with the zig zag aura), but haven't had one in 9 months.
some tingling/numbness in my hands and perhaps feet. Big toes hurt.
sometimes tongue gets swollen.Lab Work:

My lab work is nearly perfect. Thyroid is always in normal range, though one dermatologist thought for sure I had cushings, but the tests did not prove it. I have perfect cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar. I even passed all of the lab work for getting life insurance. I have had 2 normal EKG's.
The only abnormal lab tests have been an ANA (1:320 or 1:160 and once 1:80) and a sedimentation rate in the 20's. My B12 is low and I am taking B12 injections. I am negative for RA and all of the tests for lupus, scleroderma as of 4 years ago. I also had low-normal progesterone levels and took prog. supplements to become pregnant. Pregnancies were fine, thought my joint pain increased in my last trimester.

The facial/neck hotness bothers me and I FEEL feverish when this happens.
I also have L4, L5 herniations, though that pain has improved.
I have also gotten pneumonitis 3 times this year and have had 2 sinus infections with it.
I also have a lot of flank pain that I know could be from the kidney stones, but now I wonder if it is my liver since it is usually on the right side.
I don't feel depressed (well, only when I miss an activity because of fatigue), but do take a light dose of zoloft (30 mg) for anxiety since childbirth 2 years ago.
I seem to be having problems with my short term Memory...perhaps even long term. I used to test people's memory, so I am pretty sure I am having a problem with my memory and certainly concentration (though I could write this letter).Any suggestions or recommended tests for any of the above would be greatly appreciated!

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