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what's wrong with me?

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  • Posted By: jamespina
  • July 25, 2008
  • 06:11 AM

year 1.thirst for a few months 2 years agoe with a vein in my lip that use to get hard and go away. now it's permanently hard and no one knows why it's like that. drank a lot of diet pepsi.

year 2. moved to an apartment with a dirty basement. started getting rashes that would come and go everytime i would touch the wood in the basement. This went on for a year. moved out. Had fast heart beat when sleeping down there once. Recieved 30 anonymous phone calls a day and some guy tried to break in. Started getting feelings of fear.

started leaking urine for a long time. just thought it was from not drinking a lot of water. frequent urination.

year3. moved to new place. felt fine. only had the leakage problem. one day I felt really fatigued. started getting acute chest pain for a week. week2. I had swollen groin nodes. very painful. started bleeding in stools and painful urination for a day. Had a rash on my anus that burned for 5 days. I suspected arsenic poisoning but haven't tested for it yet. week 3. severe lower abdominal pain with flu-like symptoms, loss of appetite. week 4. joint pains started in my knees and fingers, hives, dry cough. week 5. feeling very week with joint pains and many eye floaters and photophobia, rashes on my knuckles, knees. erythema round rashes on underarms for one day. one on each side. cold sores for the first time in my life.

week 6 through now

developed pain in my organs. spleen, liver area. bowel gi problems. clay, green, undigested, diareaha on and off and now normal somewhat stools. floaters lead to flashes now for a week. I feel pain where my heart is and it skips a beat sometimes. feel congested in that area. developed red palms, red feet, poor circulation, headaches with back neck pains. i feel fine for a few minutes when i wake up in the morning but then it comes on throughout the day. I think I'm going to die soon if i don't get a diagnosis. I'm frightened.

blood work.

tested for HIV many times out of fear. negative out to 5 months with all tests imaginable including pcr rna, elisa, wb tests througout.

negative for hep a b c and all stds. need to go for hep c one more time next week. only positive for hpv from years ago. not even herpes 1 or 2.

cbc is normal. except there was a slight increase in hemoglobin. form 16-17 which is scary but i am a smoker for 10 years now and have cut down from a pack to a half pack a day.

WHAT CAN I DO? I've had the worst year ever. I don't have health insurance and the er sends me home because my cbc and liver enzymes are normal. not getting a diagnosis.

testing for parasites and lead poisoning next week. i wish i can test for arsenic poisoning as well but don't know how to ask the doctors. they'll just think i'm crazy.

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