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  • Posted By: medusa
  • April 15, 2008
  • 07:14 PM

I have a list of symptoms a mile and a half long. I've been diagnosed with a couple of things and I'm taking medication to treat those, but I've found that sometimes symptoms overlap, so I won't omit anything. Maybe some of you can help me - I'm starting to wonder if I'm simply falling apart.

My list of symptoms (most of which are daily issues):
- fatigue
- muscle and joint pain
- migraines
- severe heartburn
- random fevers
- painful bowel movements and gas pains
- muscle cramps
- horrible menstral cramps and extremely large, painful clots
- chest pains but no heart problems (so far) so I suspect this is musclular
- dizziness and blurry vision
- aversion to loud noises, bright light and strong scents
- mild but repeated rubbing anywhere on my body can produce a bruise or a burn/rash (I've had this problem for years)
- random shooting pains in various body parts (and frequent "mini headaches"; sudden, blinding pain gone almost immediately but leaving me shaking, sweaty and weak)
- acne
- hair loss
- neck and back pain (this is from an injury to my spine but it bears mentioning)
- swelling in abdomen after eating just about anything

Things about me:
- I'm 29 years old and female
- I am in a very happy, healthy relationship
- I eat reasonably well and try to avoid too much of anything; salt, fat, etc.
- I drink an average of four units of alcohol in any given month, usually beer, rarely hard alcohol
- I smoke about eight cigarettes a day and that's down from a pack, sometimes two packs a day for almost 12 years
- I am sincerely making an effort to quit!
- I do not do drugs of any kind
- I am on Nexium for Acid Reflux Disorder and Toradol for my back pain
(I take a Nexium maybe twice a week and it took me a year to get through 30 Toradol, because I only take a pill if I absolutely must)
- I rarely eat sweets of any kind
- I'm about 55 lbs overweight for my size and frame
- I do not exercise much, preferring low impact walking due to back pain
- I read a lot, don't watch much TV and work with computers
- I have gone through 60 Advil liquigels in the last 2 weeks
- I'm generally an optimistic person, cheerful and funny, and I have a lot of friends
- I bruise easily but heal very quickly
- I have a pretty decent immune system but I'm susceptible to colds as the seasons change, as well as headaches from pressure changes (i.e. in the Spring and during electrical storms)
- I was in a fairly serious car accident 12 years ago and sustained damage to my spine and neck, which has gotten worse over the years and I now have several fused vertebrae in my lower spine - this prevents me from having a totally normal life and sometimes causes numbness in my legs and feet
- I had allergy shots as a child which spanned, I believe, three years of my life; I began with allergies to roughly 80 items in the 88 item test and finished with nothing worse than some seasonal allergies and an intolerance of dairy products

I've been diagnosed as having the following:
- Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
- Acid Reflux Disorder
- Endometriosis
- Ankylosing Spondylitis

I'm sure I'm leaving things out, too.

As you can tell, there's a lot wrong with me. I think my concern is that my problems seem to be varied but could point to something serious when combined, especially if there's been a misdiagnosis (i.e. Chronic Fatigue).

If anyone can offer me any advice at all, I'd appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time!

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