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very strange symptoms-any ideas?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 17, 2007
  • 07:13 PM

Okay, this is my first post here (obviously) and I'm at my wits end. I'm 25, married, and have been sick for awhile now, and getting progressively worse. I've been to so many doctor's who just want to shove pills down my throat and don't want to even try to get to the root of the problem. So, here's what my symptoms are: It started with a fullness in my throat, which felt like it was interfering with my breathing, but then it spread to the left side of my neck, which has been swollen and painful every since. It almost feels like something is "growing" there. Then, I started having strange neurological symptoms: forgetting things, forgetting how to spell words, can't remember how to explain things, forgetting people, places, and events that took place, and sometimes my own birth date. I get confused very easily, and can't concentrate on anything at all. Then, my limbs started falling asleep for no reason, just at the slightest odd positioning and or lifting them up in the air. Or, I'll sit for eh, ten minutes or so, and then my butt goes numb, completely. Then, my legs and arms are very weak and shake all the time (a tremor of sorts that suddenly appeared), and I am very uncoorinated all the time as my legs are weak, shaky, and numb and I fall down a lot and run into things. The same with my arms. Exercise makes it all worse. I also have lots of shortness of breath, so bad that I cannot speak a full sentence without taking a breath, and I can't sing anymore without getting very dizzy (I also have pressure on my chest right below my ribcage). All these symptoms are so severe that I have had to quit working, driving, or even functioning as a individual. My heart is also effected as it beats much slower than it used to and it feels like it can't keep up with my body at times. I had one incident about a month ago where my heart almost stopped and the ambulence (sp?) had to be called. They told me to go see my PCP, who promptly blew me off. I found a new doc and this one recognized that I wasn't getting enough oxygen and sent me for a chest X-ray and some bloodwork, and a CT scan of my chest. I've had one open MRI of my head w/contrast, which turned out to be a normal result. I've also had and EKG of my hear and stress echo, which came out normal, but with the exception that my heart tends to jump into a high rythym with very little stimulation. My CBC and electrolyte counts are normal, no diabetes, cortisol level is normal (for adrenal function), and we've tested urine and blood for heavy metal poisoning, which came up normal as well. I don't know if perhaps we should have done a closed MRI, because the images would have been better?? Perhaps then it would have shown something. I'm thinking that whatever is going on with me it has to be neurological, or some other disease that displays itself with neurological symptoms. I'm rambling and I know it, and it's because I'm so FRUSTRATED. I'm literally preparing to die, it feels like. My husband is at his wits end as well. Another symptom worth mentioning-I've had severe nausea as well and developed a sudden allergy to milk and gluten, and unexplained lower abdominal pain with frequency in urination.

I guess the bottom line is what I really want is a diagnosis, not pills. It's getting scary...and ideas? Sorry for the long post.

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