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very dry, thinning skin

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  • Posted By: kristinesakely
  • April 4, 2007
  • 02:57 PM

I am 37 years old and have always had beautiful, soft, hydrated skin. Over the past 2-3 years my skin has become extremely itchy, dry, flaky, and recently seems to be thinning like on elderly patients. I have had numerous types of bloodwork done: thyroid, glucose,. Dermatologist says ezcema, internal medicine thought thyroid, but thyroid ok. I have to "drown" my skin in pure baby oil every night before bed to prevent itching to death and lots of times have to take Benedryl to relieve the itching. It is not allergic, I have tried EVERY lotion, dry skin remedy over the counter. I drink PLENTY of water, so I know itis not dehydration. The skin on my neck looks like that of a 60 year old! very thin, dry. Can someone please help me? I am ready to rip all my skin off!!

Any help greatly appreciated:(

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  • Hi,You had your thyroid and glucose checked, but did you see an endocrynologist? Also, have you seen a dermatologist?Shula
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  • :( Gezezz I'm 58 and just recently say within the last year. I started to have these things happen to me, i'm so sorry this isn't something that either one of us expected. I say like your condition but in my case not the inccessent itching. My case (caused by alcohol abuse) yours i don't have a clue. Here is my story. After years of over loading my system, it just stoped working normaly. My liver is the culprit. Have you possibly looked at this as a cause? Maybe you've never had a drop to drink but what i'm saying it "may" be possible. Maybe try it? what can it hurt? the damage has alredy been done. So sorry I can't be of more help.:(
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  • where can I find you? I have the same symptoms and I need to talk, please help
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  • :) I go here a lot, just use the same handle.See you over yonder. Oh, if I'm not there come back here. Lee ;)
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  • how do I find you there?...sorry a bit illiterate with web sitestry nurseratchet2006@netscape.net you will find me there...if I'm not at your page...:)
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  • not having luck, posted in prayer or praise searching. Did you get message from Eatafruit on last post before this one?She has information to help with your symptoms too
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  • I tried to find you on link with no luck. I need to discuss the symptoms we have in common. I know, somehow you are a piece to this puzzle. You know it too, that's why you came running.
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  • where can I find you? I have the same symptoms and I need to talk, please helpksakely@zoominternet.net
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  • The lack of estrogen as we age can contribute to skin thinning/changes. I would have my doc run some hormone tests on me. Are you on birth control pills...or did you recently stop?
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  • :confused: When I'm having technical difficulties with physical ailments, some times I go here.http://www.minibite.com/oldies/index.htm. This isn't a new treatment, but it has taken care of numerous maladys in my life.
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  • I have your problem as a symptom of something. Anyhow, thats why I have looked into alot of the causes. Here is what I have found out...Thyroid:You can be hypothyroid even tho your doctor is telling you that you are fine. Alot of people (including yours truely) have alot of symptoms even tho blood tests look ok to the doctor. I was borderline when I was put on meds and even tho it didnt help my dry skin/itching all that much it is a well known cause of skin problems. Get those results from your doctor and you can try using stopthethyroidmadness.com to post your results. They will tell you if you need to be on meds or not.Estrogen and other hormones.Have a full hormone panel done if you have any other horomone related symptoms such as mensrual changes of any kind (longer, stronger, weaker, shorter), weight gain/loss, unwanted hair, pimples, losing hair, weakness, fatiuge and so on. Estrogen is only one of a few hormones that can cause dry skin. Excess cortisol can cause thinning of the skin too.Liver diseaseHave a full liver panel done if you have any symptoms such as nausea, light colored stool, yellow skin and/or eyes, fatiuge. Kidney diseaseAre you having any trouble urinating. To much, to little or any change in color/odor. Pain or any kind of symptom related to your kidneys/bladder. If you are then you need to have it looked into.When the kidneys stop doing there job as well as they should, alot of toxins build up in the body causing you to itch.Food allergiesIf you already know that you have an allergy of some sort, food allergies are worth looking into. AntibioticsAntibiotics can be a cause. You can develop fungus after using antibiotics!Don't know if this is all that helpful, but it is what I have learned on my journey trying to find out the cause of my itching and dry, thin skin.Good luck!
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  • I have had extremely dry skin also, but I do have hypothryroid. What I found helped my skin was applying the baby oil BEFORE DRYING OFF after a shower, EVERYDAY.
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