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Various symptoms keep on disappear and coming back

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  • March 10, 2008
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I’m a 32 yrs old female. I’m having various health problems since 2003 (detailed history as in the second section) and the condition did change from time to time. I was having some medication for a few years but didn’t cure me. Then I stopped all the medications since April 2007 and begin to take some supplement tablet since July 2007. I thought I had some strange/serious illness initially, but I begin having some doubt that whether I’m just lack of some certain vitamins/minerals or nutrient imbalance.

(1) Health problems at present time

First half year of 2007, main problems are:
High stomach acid, stomach wind ( as describe in section 2b below )
Mouth ulcer
Menstrual problem
Body tolerance/flexibility ( as describe in section 2c below )
Emotional problem ( as describe in section 2e below )

Second half year of 2007:
July to Dec 2007- taking calcium tablet as supplement.
Later taking Vitamin B12 ( was hoping it will improve ulcer problem but it didn’t ) together. Forgot when I start taking it, may be Oct 2007 or before.
Summarize of problems:-
>>Stomach acid, stomach wind: became better slowly until totally no more stomach wind/bloated. Still having stomach acid problem but much better than before.
>>Mouth ulcer: became worse and worse until most of the time I had it.
>>Menstrual problem: became better
>>Body tolerance/flexibility: became worse
>>Headache: happen almost immediately after taking calcium ( but I didn’t aware of whether its related to calcium). The headache happen daily at July. Later it still happen frequently. After Oct or Nov (can’t recall when exactly) it happen less frequent and the degree of painfulness less too. Later it became very rare or none (as I couldn’t really recall).
>>Body ache: happen almost immediately after taking calcium ( and I’m not sure whether its related to calcium ingestion). Similar to headache, it happened daily at July, later became less and almost none, but can’t recall the exact time.
>>Coldness on hand and feet: became worse and worse since July.
>>emotional problem: the last 2 months of 2007 became better and more stable.

Jan to mid of Feb 2008:
Stopped taking calcium since beginning of Jan 2008.
Stopped taking Vitamin B12 since mid of Jan 2008.
Started taking magnesium since beginning of Jan 2008.
>>Stomach acid, stomach wind: became better and better until no more any symptom and totally healthy!
>>Mouth ulcer: became better and better until no more any symptom and totally healthy!
>>Menstrual problem: became worst
>>Body tolerance/flexibility: became better and better until no more any symptom and totally healthy!
>>Headache: none or almost none I guess.
>>Body ache: the problem came back slowly, from slightly pain till very pain and almost daily.
>>Coldness on hand and feet: a lot better.
>>emotional problem: got worse. became unstable since around or more than one month ago.

Mid of Feb, I couldn’t stand for the painfulness of the body ache anymore, tried stop taking any supplement. Only for 2 days it already showed some obvious changing: the body ache which happen since weeks before totally disappear while the stomach wind/bloat came back a bit on the first day and became totally terrible on the second day.

Then I bought a multivitamin from pharmacy, which every tablet contain 162mg of calcium, 100mg of magnesium and also some other mineral/vitamin.
Within 19th Feb to 5th March, I had tried a few different method of taking the supplement:
>>2 tablets of above mentioned multivitamin each day
>>one tablet of multivitamin per day
>>one tablet of multivitamin + 75mg magnesium ( the magnesium supplement which I took during Jan )
Observation as below:
>>Body ache: very bad.
>>Stomach acid, stomach wind: bad.
>>Mouth ulcer: got worse day by day.
>>Coldness on hand and feet: got worse day by day.
>>emotional problem: bad.
>>Body tolerance/flexibility: got worse day by day.
>>Headache: appear on 6th March. Terrible headache, the painfulness almost cause vomiting. It came together with body internal heat rise terribly. Went out for cold air and the headache reduced.
>>During this period, beside mouth ulcer, also having dry and rupture lips got worse day by day.

So I stop taking the multivitamin, because I guess my body can’t tolerant with calcium ingestion. I took only magnesium then.
6th & 7th March- 75mg magnesium 3 times per day. Still having headache and body heat.
8th march- 150mg magnesium 2 times per day. Still having headache and body heat. Headache became slightly better at night.
9th march- 150mg magnesium in the morning and 75mg magnesium in the evening.
Still having headache and body heat but became better.
10th march- 150mg magnesium in the morning.
Having headache and body heat became better.
Before 6th I was having body ache. From 6th to 9th march the body ache turn from less to none. But it appear again today, 10th march. It made me dare not take second dose of magnesium today. I’m not sure what exactly cause my body ache or how relevance are the magnesium and calcium to the body ache.

Another thing which I’m not sure whether its significant, I’ve read that some of the nutrition imbalance problems only attack one side of the body, either right or left side. My body ache problem mostly happens on the right side (right side of the neck, shoulder, back, hand), only once awhile it attack the left side.
While my headache and menstrual pain (waist pain) mostly are on the left side.

(2) Health history

My health problem began with the neck and shoulder pain since 2003. later the pain spread to the whole back ache and hand (the whole hand till the fingers) and sometimes legs too. And the degree of the painfulness got worse and worse.
Shortly, the body ache got worse and worse.

Later my stomach problem appeared. Had significantly high stomach acid which I need to take solid/heavy food every 2 or 3 hours. And I couldn’t take most of the fruits and vegetables or high fiber food, for taking these foods made my stomach bloated (stomach wind) and need to take another heavy meal in a short while later. I couldn’t just ignore the stomach acid and don’t take food so much because I’ll be having diarrhea and stomach pain then.

Later my body lost tolerance/flexibility.
A little bit too warm weather could bring to headache. And I felt burning pain in the body when walking under the sun. Eating some heaty food (example fried or grill food, or beef, mutton, nuts, chocolate etc) could increase my body internal heat and mouth ulcer & other problems followed.
Even cold weather bring headache as well.
Even a slightly out of the position or accidentally minor adjustment of my spectacle would lead to headache when wearing the spectacle.

Meanwhile my menstrual problem and mouth ulcer got worse and worse.
I didn’t have any menstrual pain/problems when I was young. Later menstrual problem appeared only when I not doing exercise/sport regularly. Later the menstrual problem didn’t go away even I do exercise regularly. Later the degree and the menstrual problems/pain got worse and worse.
For mouth ulcer, I had it once awhile and usually it could recover soon. Later the ulcer happens more frequently and also spends longer time to get recovered.

Later unusual emotion problem appeared: Tend to get angry/sad/upset easily, having problem to control my emotion.

(3) Medication history

Stomach- stayed in hospital for 2 days 1 night. The specialist doctor did whatever necessary checkup and couldn’t find any problem with my stomach.

Eye- been told by eye specialist that my eyes having no problem at all.

Other overall problems- been tried a few medications: some Chinese doctors and some alternative medications mostly with medicine made of herbs.

Yearly blood & urine medical checkup- results showed everything normal except high cholesterol.

Conclusion and question:
Based on all the above observations, it seems to me like my body needs magnesium since it helps my stomach problems, ulcer, coldness on hand/feet and body tolerance/flexibility. Calcium seems to be helping my menstrual problems but it brings other problems. And I’m not sure what cause my emotional problem and body ache. What should I do or what other supplements should I take to overcome all these problems?

Thanks for whoever willing to read this long post and giving any opinion.

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