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vaginal irritations

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  • Posted By: shorty_49
  • November 12, 2008
  • 07:51 PM

hi i am 29 yrs old and about 2 months ago had a yeast infection due to antibiotics. I did monistat, went to the doc and got a single diflucan pill, then did monistat again before it went away. it came back a couple weeks ago and i used monistat, didn't go away, so i went to the doc and she pescibed 3 diflucan. still itchy a week later i went back and they took cultures. everything came back negative, said there was no yeast or bacteria, but they want me to come back in two weeks for a colposcopy since my cervix looks different. I’ve head this done before due to hpv, so I know what to expect. My pap even came back better this time also than the previous time. I used to shave pretty much everything before all this but i haven't shaved since this all started the second time around. i figured it was the hair that was making me itchy, so i shaved just a little around the edges and it only helped somewhat. i also have been taking acidopholis pills and vitamin c, the doc told me to take the acidopholis for a month. The nurse told me not to use vagisil as it really doesn’t help and could make me more irritated. I tried cortizone crème before I took the diflucan and that didn’t help either. she did tell me to use unscented baby wipes after I use the bathroom, it seems to soothe it a little. today i had a little bit of a burning sensation after i used the wipe, so i don't think i should use it anymore. could the wipes lead to another yeast infection? i've only used them for acouple days. the itching has been waking me up at night once in a while. It’s not constant, just annoying at times. it's not in side my vagina either, it is strickly irritated on the outside. i haven't had any problems like this in the past. i use only unscented soap since this started and keep everything nice and dry. I wash my 100% cotton undies in hot water, dry without dryer sheets and even iron them. i've only had sex once this whole month and he used a condom. only symptom is the itchiness, no abnormal discharge. Like I said, I have an appt in two weeks again, but is there anything else that this could be? The only other medications I am using is Claritin-d for my allergies (which I started at about the same time of the first infection) and I have used depo for about 4 ½ years now. Should my fiancee get treated too? could the vitamin c and acidopholis be putting my ph balence off? Any input would be appreciated.

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