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UTI? No.

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  • Posted By: whit3tig3y
  • May 14, 2008
  • 09:47 PM

I went to the doctor about a week ago complaining of fever, fatigue, and a VERY overdue period (still hasn't come). She said it sounds like I have a UTI. I had quite a few of these when I was younger (haven't had one since I was about 12) and I don't feel like I have one. I have no problems going to the bathroom, nothing burns or hurts. She did a urine test and the results came back yesterday. They said there were no "bugs" in it what so ever, but there was protein. She said to take the UTI anti-biotics and sent me on my way. To me, this doesn't feel like a proper diagnosis. Can anyone shed any light? Should I go consult another doctor?

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  • Are you pregnant? There are two different tests for Chlamydia so if the urine test didn't show positive, maybe the other test will show something. But it sounds like you weren't screened for STDs, just UTI.
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  • I thought pregnant at first also, but home pregnancy tests have said no, and I really don't have any other symptoms. I think i forgot to add around the time I was meant to have my period I had about an hours worth of light pink spotting. And no I wasn't screened for STD's. Should I? I've been with only my partner in the last 2 years, can I have gotten something now? All these things just don't add up to me, and I don't feel confident my doctor has it right. I'm worried it might be something more serious. I have a sack on the side of my bladder that got infected once when I was 13 because a bit of urine got stuck in there, had to have surgery and all. Could it be that again?
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  • Anything is possible. You should get checked again for pregnancy; that light spotting could be a symptom. Yes, if you are having sex, you should be checked for all STDs.
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  • OK so i'm taking these anti-biotics despite my doctors lack of diagnosis. If it is really a UTI just with no real UTI symptoms, when would my period return? Would I get it once the infection is cleared up or next time i'm due to have it? Can missing a period for whatever reason have effects of its own? I really only know the basics of this stuff. My abdomin is feeling a little fuller, is that because I missed it?
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  • A fever is an indication that something is going on. And I strongly doubt it is caused by a STD. First of all you need to be sure you are not pregnant. Get another test done even if it is the kind you do at home. Missing your period most likely has nothing to do with your fever and fatigue. A UTI does not always give alot of symptoms. You can have a UTI with fever only. However you have protein in your urine and that should be followed up in a couple of weeks. It is most likely trancisent protienuria which is a temporary process that is thought to be caused by fever, heavy exercise, and other benign conditions. The amount of protein in the urine is relatively small and usually resolves pretty quickly. Proteinuria that is constant or persistent is more likely to be a problem and should be taken seriously. It is usually caused by diseases involving the the filtering device of the kidney, with causes such as diabetes but it is also seen in many other diseases, conditions, and even caused by some types of medication. You can also get teststrips at the drugstore that show if you have white blood cells, blood or protein in your urine, making it easy to test at home. Hope this helps Kiera
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  • OK, I took your advise and did another pregnancy test, once again, it came up negative. I really am at a loss here. I think my anti-biotics are making me feel worse. Either them, or somethings causing me to get very sore eyes and headaches now.
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  • Ok.. so now you are 80% positive that you are NOT pregnant. You need to speak to a doctor about it again. You might have some endocrine issue going on that is causing all of your symptoms. Ask to have more blood tests done. Good luck, Kiera
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  • You could be taking the wrong antibiotics for whatever you have (or getting an adverse reaction) and if it is a std, like chlamydia, your boyfriend needs treatment too. You should tell the doctor about your side effects. You also need to know if you got an std from him. And yes, you can get a fever with chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and herpes.
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  • Have you ever had Mono? It's bad...It would explain fever and being tired. Also I missed my period while I had it too. It effects everyone differently and your immune system may get so weak you cant fight off something very small that turns into something that feels awful like a UTI. I'm in the same boat right now and have been for a month and 1/2. You can get it anywhere...like at a resturant eating off of dishes you thought were clean. Also It would make since why it seems that the meds are making you worse...Just a thought! :) Good Luck!
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    • November 11, 2010
    • 02:23 PM
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