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Urinating Mystery MY TRUE STORY!!!!plz Help PART 1

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  • Posted By: GEMINI
  • September 30, 2006
  • 02:11 AM

This Is Just The Beginning. I Am Frequently Urinating Like 20 Or More Times A Day, For Example 2-3 Times In A Hour In A Half Or 4-5 Times During Bedtime. Also It Takes Like 15 To 25 Seconds For My Urine To Pass. I Finally Seen A Uro & I Was Diagnosed With Interstitial Cystitis At The Age Of 24years Old. 7/12/05 The Urologist Determined This Through My First Cystoscopy And With Pictures Taken From My Bladder. My Bladder Looked Real Damaged And Polluted With Spots/veins. My Bladder Has Shrunken A Bit, Too, Is What The Uro Mentioned As Well. Going Back To The Cystoscopy, Even Though I Was Put Under Anesthesia And A Sleep And Didnt Feel A Thing, The Worst Part Was Just Beginning. After The Procedure Was Done The Most Traumatizing Experience Had Just Began. Not Knowing What A Catheter Was Or Even Mentioned To Me That I Would Be Wearing This Tube For 24 Hours Was A Shock. Feeling All Sore,groggy And Uncomfortable As Ever. I Looked At The Tip Of My Penis Noticing Blood On The Tip And A Whole Lot Of Blood In The Urine Bag. "what Alot Of Blood."

Im Real Sensitive To My Body And I Felt Urine Occupying My Bladder And It Didnt Feel Like It Was Draining Through The Catheter Is What I Told The Nurse, All She Said Was, "its Draining" And Explained To My Girlfriend How To Take The Catheter Off In The Next 24 Hours, As I Layed There Listening Feeling All Groggy. On The Way Home Im Feeling Real Uncomfortable Complaining To My Girl That Theres Urine In My Bladder And That It Doesnt Feel Like It Draining. My Girlfriend Drops Me Off To My Home. I Go Straight To My Couch To Lie Down For Several Long Minutes. Still Feeling Real Uncomfortable With This Urine Feeling I Get Up And Try To Get In Different Positions Hoping It Will Make A Difference, So My Urine Can Pass. Obviously That Doesnt Work. All Frustrated I Call My Girl And Ask Her How Do I Take This Catheter Off, She Tells Me That I Have To Use The Syringe They Gave Me And To Put It On The Outlet Side Of The Catheter And Use The Syringe. Not Knowing What To Do And That At The End Of The Catheter Thats Going Through My Urethra Into My Bladder There A Balloon Filled Bubble To Keep It In Place To Remain In My Bladder. Not Knowing, I Put The Syringe In And Sucked Approximately 10-ml Of Fluid Out Only. I Thought This Was All I Had To Do, I Was Wrong. I Slowly Pulled The Catheter, But It Wasnt Coming Out, So I Thought That I Must Pull Harder, So Thats What I End Up Doing. I Pulled And I Pulled Hard/slowly And It Was Finally Coming. It Didn’t Feel Right, Though. I Noticed That There Was A Bubble The Size Of A Dime, Filled With Fluid As It Was Near The Middle Of My Penis. I Started Screaming Feeling Like I Was Going Into Shock Due To How Painful It Got. Still Screaming As I Feel This Balloon Protruding Out My Urethra I Continued To Pull As It Got Closer And Closer To My Pee Hole. It Felt Like Forever As It Finally Came Out Making A Pop Sound Noise While The Bubble Stays The Same. Im Still In Shock ,but Still Have This Urge To Urinate, After A Little Bit Of Time I Was Able To Pass That Little Urine That Remained In My Bladder. What A Releif, Even Though It Burned As ***l Urinating Each Time, I Urinated For The Next 3 Hours. I Was Finally Able To Get A Little Sleep On The Couch. I Noticed I Had Alot Of Chills And Shivers Though.

The Next Day I Called The Uro And Mentioned What Had Happened. My Regular Uro Wasnt There So I Seen Another Uro At That Place And He Didnt Even Bother To Look At My Penis To See If Anything Was Damaged. All He Did Was Prescribe Me With Some Type Of Antibiotic And Sent Me On My Way. As A Week Passed I Seen My Uro For A Follow Up And We Talked About Diet And Taking Elmiron For My I-c For A Year Or Two. Everything Seemed To Be Getting Better.

Approximately 5 Months Has Passed, Everyhing Was Going Alrite, Just Having Urinary Frequency And Taking About 20 Seconds For My Urine To Pass. My Bladder Was Feeling Empty Enough To Enjoy Whatever I Was Doing Or Even To Get Some Sleep Until I Woke Up To Use The Restroom Again. I Seen My Urologist For A Follow Up On 12/21/05. I Explained To Him That Everything Was Good And He Then Gave Me Another 12-refills For Elmiron. The Uro Told Me To Come Back In Approximately 1 Year For A Follow Up. Towards The End Of 2005 Something Mysteriously Went Wrong With My Urinary Function.

4 Days Before The New Year (2006) My Girlfriend And I Were Having Intercourse/safe Sex At First. The Tip Of The Condom Keep Getting Too Tight On The Head Of My Penis. Making My Penis Look Like A Cone Shape. So I Decided To Put Another Condom On And The Same Thing Happend. I Took That 1 Off And Put Another Condom On Again, Samething Happend Again. Our Main Reason For Wearing A Condom Was To Avoid Pregnancy Because We Already Have A Child And We Were Not Ready For Another One. By This Time I Needed To Urinate So I Used The Restroom. Everything Was All Good When I Used The Restroom. This Time I Decided Not To Wear A Condom , As We Got In Heat Of The Moment I Was Getting Close To Ejaculating, But I Kept Holding It In Because I Didnt Want It To Be Over And I Wanted To Satisfy My Girl First Before Ejaculating. Next Thing You Know I Felt A Big Sting/pain On Or In My Penis Somewhere And About 2minutes Later I Finally Ejaculated. I Never Had That Feeling In My Life During Intercourse. After That I Had A Strong Sensation/urge To Urinate, But When I Got To The Toilet Nothing Would Come Out And I Would Be There Standing For A Long Period, But Nothing Would Still Come Out. I Thought Maybe If I Take A Shower Ill Be Able To Urinate. Just A Little Bit Of Urine Came Out Spraying Awkwardly. My Bladder Was Not Completely Empty As Well. I Still Had A Strong Urge And Nothing Would Come Out. So I Waited Until I Got Out The Shower To Go Downstairs To Drink A Glass Of Water Thinking This Would Help Out. I Finally Was Able To Urinate, But It Didnt Feel Right Because My Bladder Didnt Feel Empty. This Is When The Misery Of This Mystery Began. Something Wasnt Right.

I Noticed That The Tip Of My Penis Was Swollen On The Left Side, I Didnt Think Much Of It Because I Knew As Time Would Pass By It Will Go Down. Which It Eventually Did In A Couple Of Days. As The New Year Began I Noticed I Was Urinating More Frequently, But I Wasnt Passing As Much Urine As Before And My Bladder Wouldnt Feel Empty. Also It Even Took Longer For My Urine To Pass. As The Days Go By, Im Thinking Everything Is Going To Get Better, But It Just Gets Worse. I Finally See A Doctor For A Urgent Appointment Saturday 01/21/06 And Complained About My Urinary Difficulties/feeling Ill. My Urine Test Was Clean And I Was Prescribed A Medication Called Pyridium, Then Sent My Way. Saturday Night I Was Feeling Real Sick Like Body Sick, And Decided To Take A Tylenol. Everything Got More Worse, I Was Urinating Very Little Here And There. My Bladder Really Felt Full Of Urine At This Time. I Would Be In The Restroom For Long Minutes Now Passing Very Small Amounts Of Urine. It Was Like This All Day. I Could Not Sleep At All Because Of The Urge/sensation Of Urine So I Was Constantly On The Toilet Trying To Get The Urine Out. Now It Was Very Early Morning Of Monday Like 2:30 Am , I Tried Taking A Bath To Relax Myself Hoping This Would Work. It Was The Same. I Would Be In The Bath Then To The Toilet Passing Little Urine Now. I Was So Miserable By This Time. I Ended Up Staying In The Bathroom For 3hours This Time. Jumping In And Out The Bath To Sitting On The Toilet For Long, Long Minutes. I Waited For The Urologist To Open And Made A Urgent Appointment. I Was Seen 30 Minutes Later. By This Time I Am Feeling Really Sick. I Tell Them My Problem And My Uro Tells Me That Im Gonna Have To Wear A Catheter. Which I Disagreed On Because Of My First Experience With That. So That Didnt Happen. They Checked My Bladder With The Ultrasound And Said My Bladder Was Completly Empty. I Told Them Straight Up I Have Urine In There. They Told Me To Urinate In A Cup For A Test. I Was In The Bathroom For 5 Minutes And Nothing Would Pass. I Was Called Back To The Room And They Decided To Insert A Self Catheter Real Quick. Next Thing You Know, Urine Starts Flowing Out The Tube All Over My Pajama Pants And Into The Test Cup. From The Look On There Faces, They Were Shocked That Urine Came Spraying Out Dark Orange Because Of The Pyridium Medication. What A Relief For That Half Hour. The Uro Mentioned My Prostate Feels Tender And Inflamed. He Prescribed Me To Take Levaquin (500mg) For Ten Days. I Was Sent To The Lab To Drop Off My Specimen. Thats When I Had Another Urge To Urinate And My Body Started Feeling Sick Again. I Got Home And Tried To Use The Restroom , But Nothing Was Coming Out. I Decided To Get Into The Bath To Try To Relax Then Id Hop Back Onto The Toilet. This Time Nothing Would Even Come Out. I Was Feeling Extremely Ill And Misrable By This Time Not Knowing What To Do. I Called The Uro Back, And He Said, “go To The Emergency Room.” Which I Had To Do By This Time, I Knew I Was Going To Have To Wear A Catheter This Time Around. I Was Right, That Was My Only Option. 200c/c Eventually Came Out. To The Doctors That May Not Be Much, But For A Bladder Like Mine Thats Alot. They Would Not Understand That, Though. What A Nightmare For Me To Go Through This All Over Again. I Ended Up Wearing The Catheter For 4 & ½ Days. It Releived Alot Of That Uncomforable Urine In My Bladder. It Was Very Hard To Sleep With This Tube, Especiallly When I Would Get Those Early Morning Erections, It Would Hurt Like ***l. To Be Continued...

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