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Urinary Tract Infection, Maybe? Help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 25, 2007
  • 04:38 AM

Last Friday, 4 days ago now, I began to feel burning during and after urination. My sister said it was a uti so I took some over the counter treatment (cystex) and drank cranberry juice. Saturday it felt a little better but then Sunday I woke up and went to the bathroom and it burned so bad the instant I began to urinate that I had to stop and couldn't fully urinate. I went to urgent care that afternoon and they told me it was definatly a uti and gave me some antibiotics for it. Today was my last day on those antibiotics and it still hasnt improved at all...and today I noticed that there are a few blisters on my vagina and it seems really dry...so I also feel a lot of discomfort whenever I'm walking. Most of what I heard people say about their uti symptoms were internal (abdominal or back pain, urge to urinate often, etc) but I don't have any of those, just this horrible, intense, pain during and for a little bit after urination. Is this just a real bad uti that doesn't want to go away or could it possibly be some other type of infection??? Please help...It's to the point where I'm scared to go to the bathroom because I never know if it's going to hurt just a little or if it's going to be one of the times where it hurts so bad I'm in tears...

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  • Ive had two UTI's in the past year and both of them did not get better after the first or even second course of antibiotics. I didnt have the abdominal or back pain either, just pain around the opening all the time and pain when urinating...Go back to the doctor and try more antibiotics.
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  • Sounds more like HPV or some other STD. I've never experienced a UTI with a burning to the extent you've explained. It sounds like it sucks **s horribly though. At least as far as I've felt or known personally a UTI usually involves slight irritation or burning during urination. And a frequent bother of feeling like you have to piss.
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  • Anything getting that bad that fast should send you back to the doctor. If you aren't sure, call the urgent care you went to, and ask their opinion. But vaginal blistering is serious. You could have some kind of yeast infection, and the antibiotic could be making it worse. Get it checked right away.Shula
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  • Although the burning pain is associated with a UTI, the blisters are not. You have a sexually transmitted disease and need to see a gynecologist immediately to decipher exactly which one so you can be properly treated. It does sound like herpes though.
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  • Thanks for your advice, I did end up calling my doctor's office yesterday but my doctor wasn't there so they told me to go into the lab and leave a new urine sample--the lady said a lot of times urgent care just takes your word for it (I did tell them I "thought" I had a UTI) and they probably just saw a little trace of something they assumed was from a UTI in it and threw me on some antibiotics for a UTI. My doctor's office also prescribed me some pain medication for the burning which helps a little bit during urination but I still have a lot of pain throughout the day when I'm not urinating...especially if I'm moving around a lot, which I do all the time since I work with children. My test results will be in sometime tomorrow so I'll hopefuly find out what's going on then...
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  • I'll be interested to see what they say. Thanks for posting the update.Shula
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  • Women have a painful experience with herpes outbreak. If the women get infected internally in the cervix or vagina, she may develop pelvic pain, burning feeling when she urinates and vaginal discharge. Some women may experience more blister or even ulcers on the 2nd week of the first outbreak. The infection will last 2-3 weeks but the skin pain will lasts for 4-6 weeks.
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    • January 6, 2009
    • 02:45 PM
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