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Unpredictable acute leg pain, background pain.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 27, 2007
  • 06:15 PM

The good thing out of this is that I have a full recollection of the events prior to having this "condition."

I have otherwise been the picture of health and have no known allergies or persistant illness. I am a male, 27 years old.

Feb 2007, I dropped eating factory processed meat from my diet stemming from a personal disgust at low industry standards.

March 2007, I haven't ate any meat for a month. I awake one morning with a small area of my bright buttock numb/sore. No exterior damage is visible and it is only a numb sensation that I feel. I think nothing of it and carry on as it was not inconviniencing me in any way.

A few days later the numbness starts spreading to my entire right buttock. I start growing concerned but still take no action. 2-3 more days after that the the numbness is replaced with a small acute pain only if I physically exert myself on that leg.

As each day passes it gets only worse, my entire leg at different times of day has such a acute pain that I have a hard time walking in "regular" form, getting out of a car seat, wiping my **s (not a joke), and sleeping sideways. If I roll in bed I get an intense pain and I actually cannot do anything but yell in pain. I tried working out using an elliptical machine (cardio machine, a low impact "running" exercise machine") this only seemed to aggravate the pain to become a constant pain instead of a unpredictable intermittent pain.

I am still currently in pain, the pain has no spread beyond its established area. I have also found that the pain is there EVERY night. I changed sleeping habits and the pain always comes on during the evening hours regardless of whether I am sleeping our not. The pain is not as acute during the day time but can be brought on immediately if I exert myself.

I had a fever during this condition and took pain killers for the fever, a side effect was that it COMPLETELY relieved the leg pain. I was able to sleep on my side, roll around, get up and down from seats, and yes even wipe my **s with absolutely NO discomfort at all. However, my personal views towards medicine is that I prefer not to take any at all because I do not want my body to become dependant on them and to also lower the effectiveness of treatment by medicine.

What is your advice that I can possibly look over. I am open to suggestions as I do not want to remember 2007 as being the year which I was completely crippled.

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