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Unknown parasite ravaging my entire body; affecting eyesight

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  • Posted By: Euronymous
  • December 30, 2007
  • 09:56 PM

Hello. I sure am glad I finally found a live message board, maybe someone knows something about this. Three months ago, I noticed itching on my body, but nothing appeared to be there, I thought it was fleas as I have several cats as pets. Next, when I felt jumping and crawling sensations on my scalp and in my hair, and couldn't get rid of them, I thought it was head lice. When RID wouldn't get rid of them, I went to a doctor and was diagnosed with scabies when I told her how the mites would burrow beneath the skin, itch, and become more active at night. I had some areas on my body that had the hallmark red bumps that scabies causes, so I figured that's what it was. I've used Permethrin in attempts to treat the parasite to no effect. I've tried Permethrin several times, and Ivermectin on two separate occasions, still my entire body is covered with the mites.
Doctors say that what I describe cannot be scabies, scabies doesn't get in the eyes, on the scalp, it causes wounds whereas this isn't rejected by the skin. What's worst is the ability of this mite or worm to conceal itself, as I can no longer even get help from doctors who think I'm imagining this. The parasite mimics skin cells, and sheathes itself in the skin, where it poses as rough dry skin. It is very small, but large enough to be recognized with a magnifying glass. It can alter it's appearance, but generally looks like a translucent to white grain similar in shape to a scabies mite, but it also appears as a worm, yellowish-brown (perhaps trying to blend with my hairs). When agitated, the mite can project a dart from it's body - I believe it "shoots" some kind of thread like fiber from this dart...I don't know what for, very weird.
My right hand is in very bad shape, it is swollen (with the parasite) and the top layer of skin has been removed. This is the hand that I use most often to wipe the crawling bugs off of my skin, and to brush my hair. The mite goes inside the body and affects other organs, the extent of which I'm not sure. I'm experiencing nausea, weakness, loss of coordination and balance, tremors, numbness, muscle and joint aches, weight loss, twitching, nervousness, earache, and alot of eye discomfort. They've affected my vision, and everything appears foggy, or dim, and things seem to blink or flicker. I'm really worried and in agony from the persisting crawling (like an ant) and biting (like a flea), but I can do nothing about it. I've been to every hospital in the area, out of pocket because I have no insurance. Doctors won't take me seriously and I'm afraid that this stuff could be deadly. My grandmother recently contracted it, but she doesn't want to tell anyone for embarrassment. Any help would be great, I'm running out of hope that I'll ever have my life back.

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