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Unfortunately I am not dilusional - I do have "stuff" coming out of my skin, HELP

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  • Posted By: scoona
  • June 16, 2007
  • 10:21 PM

Hi. I am new to this site. I think its pretty great! To fully explain what has happened to me in the last three years would take too long, so I am going to describe my most recent symptoms. Its going to be a longg description anyway, so bear with me. I would appreciate ANY suggestions or advice. My dermatologists keep telling me I have exczema - even though I have no common symptoms of exczema.

Painful sores erupt on my skin in various places. Primarily my face, fingertips, toes, nose, lips, ears, nipples and occassionally other areas. I am at the point that I carry razor blades, a magnifying mirror and tweezers with me everywhere I go. In three years, I have tried oral steroids, steroid creams, ointments, anything you can possibly think of for skin problems, I guaranty I have tried it, to no avail. The ONLY relief from the pain is to remove the disgusting substance that apparently builds up under my skin. I recently tried a couple of very strong antibiotics, Leviquin and Keflex, that provided miraculous relief, however they fail at fully eradicating whatever this problem is.

On my face, what appears to be a large painful zit with a very small white head appears and hurts like ***l. My eyebrow area is the worst. When I pull out the whitehead with tweezers, it is hard, very white, sliver of whatever. After removal of the initial whitehead, the "sore" proceeds to produce what seems like millions of little white slivers, all the same size and disgusting shape - like an open "C" with very sharp ends. In my nose and on my lips, I can see the white lines, which seem to be embedded such that I can sometimes just see a dot (like in my nose) that when grabbed with tweezers, however, I pull out a long white thing - hard, sharp, and multiple buddy slivers follow out of the same area - the relief from getting them out is unbelievable. They also seem to work their way out themselves as sometimes I will feel a tickle in my nose and find a sliver on the inside wall of my nose. I started noticing one day while putting on makeup that the pressing of an eyeliner or lipliner causes these slivers to sometimes shoot out, as if they are under pressure. I have a couple spots on my lips that hurt so badly, I can't even touch them. When I ignore the pain - knowing that getting the crap out will make it stop hurting - the source of the most pain seems to be a very, very small, very hard, black thing - again, the size of a coffee ground. I can run my fingernail or tweezers across my eyelids, below my eyes, the palms of my hands and other "soft" areas, and the small white things, along with very small round things that look like pieces of dried blood or are sometimes just very very black, pop out of my pores. Everyday, even if I take five showers, the small crevices of my nipples contain the same debris, but it looks grayish, and its soft, just like I imagine a larva would be.... hahhahaha - but not so funny...

My fingertips are the worst. My fingertips become very swollen, such that the edges of my nail hurt like ingrown nails. I can hardly touch anything at times as it feels like slivers underneath my skin. I can barely touch the area with tweezers or a razorblade, but even though the pain is excruciating - once the white, sharp, skin sliver is removed, I feel relief. This is the gross part - my fingertips will start to feel mushy - for lack of a better description - I can take a brand new razorblade and scrape my fingertips over and over, and literally hundreds of these white slivers start shooting out. Occassionally, the razorblade will suddenly hit a hard spot, which hurts like ***l, and a blob of twisted, black or very dark red, wormly looking stuff pops out. Its like there is so much crap in a very, very small area, its no wonder it hurts so bad. At times, I have left areas alone, to see what would happen. The white things ultimately start coming out on their own. I find round, black, coffee-ground type debris under my nails and can see the dark spots under my skin. The dark spots are very, very, very painful.

I don't enjoy picking. I don't enjoy cutting myself. I simply do not know what else to do. Also, anytime I get a cut or scrape, by accident - the same type of debris ends up underneath, making me think this is more of a blood problem than a skin problem. I find the white things in my teeth, in the toilet and can see it in my fecal matter. Occassionally, I've gone through vomiting spells for no apparent reason, and yep, you guessed it - its like throwing up millions of the same gross little shape.

Two strange things related to this problem: first, on and off, my ankles become so swollen, I can't get my shoes on - it looks like I broke both ankles. Second, last year I was going to a tanning booth occassionally. While out in the normal light, my skin looked normal. When I got under the ultraviolet light, I see zillions of white specs all over my feet and legs, and all the other areas - flourescent white, a couple times my the skin on my toes was hot pink. I can easily remove the flourescent white material with my finger, but out of the ultraviolet light, I would have never known it was there. The debris in my nipples also looks hot pink.

My main worry are that this problem is a result of some internal organ problem that I am not aware of. However, I was shocked when I was cleaning my dogs ear yesterday and saw that all of the debris removed from his ears looked identical to what is coming out of my body. I just can't fathom that I would have some kind of mite and not have any itching, but I suppose its possible. I can't find anything on the internet as to what the symptoms would be if a human was infected with a dog ear mite. However, from what I understand, I believe the dog ear mite is one of very few mites that can actually live on a human and go through full life cycles. I have to say that the crap coming out certainly looks like white or blood-filled larva and black mites, then again, I've never seen a mite, and the dog ear mite is white, I believe. I have pulled similar "things" off my dogs skin, though, vets keep telling me it is dandruff. I didn't think dandruff had a specific shape, and would stick to my fingernail or to tweezers.

Any questions, or any suggestions, PLEASE let me know. I am at my wits end, in case you haven't gotten that - I am reluctant to go to another doctor and be humiliated when they tell me I am creating the sores in my sleep while I am scratching. Why would it only itch if I was sleeping - that makes no sense. None of this makes sense. Lastly, these things are everywhere now - in my clothes, all over in my car, in my purse - I am afraid I have something I could give to someone else. This is not right. It is not exczema (if that is spelled wrong, I don't care, I'm not spell checking.) Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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