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Totally Confused...HELP (kinda wordy)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 13, 2009
  • 09:44 PM

Tried to post this yesterday, but it didn't work

Let me start out by saying that I honestly don’t know what to do anymore. I’ve had most of these symptoms for about 10 years. They vary on and off, and increase and decrease in intensity on a random basis. I’ve had quite a few tests done, and nothing was found… and everytime I see a new dr – they seem to regard me as some kind of hypochondriac.

For the record – I am a medical underwriter for an insurance company, so I read medical records all day, and researching medical issues online and in various medical dictionarys/references is a part of my job description.

I’m 28 y/o caucasion female. I’ve never done hard or illegal drugs. I smoke an occasional cigarette about 3-4x a year. I get drunk about 1x every month or 2. (I don’t get hangovers, it’s just not something I’m really into). I try to eat moderately healthy. I don’t get enough exercise.

I’ve got a sit at a computer job, and a 2.5 hour commute – one way, 5 days a week. Yes, it’s a brutal schedule, but I’ve only been doing it for about 1.5 years. The symptoms started waaaaayyyyy before this. It doesn’t help, but I do need to work! (don’t we all  )

I’m just going to list the symptoms I’ve got, and comment on them. Please help me try to figure this out!

Fatigue – pretty overwhelming. It takes just about everything in me to get out of bed in the mornings. Strangely, some days I can jump right out of bed and be in a great mood. It does not matter how many hours of sleep I get, or what I’ve done the day before.

Lack of motivation – I have absolutely no motivation to actually do anything at all. It drives me nuts, and on a normal day I probably yell at myself about 10-15 times to just do it already. This is everything from cleaning, working, etc to things I actually enjoy like scrapbooking, playing with my child, going out.

The mere thought of getting ready is daunting. I’ve become a “sweatshirt/jeans/no makeup” sort of person because of this lassitude.

Joint aches/pains – Pretty much all of my joints hurt, I have muscle tension and back pain all the time (although this might partially be due to my chest size of an F cup). My right side is always worse than my left, I have a lot of pain in my right hip, sciatica if I move too much, knee pain (again both on the right side).

Brain fog – this is the worst! I always was a pretty bright individual, able to keep random facts in my head. I always was reading, and I couldn’t get enough knowledge to suit me. Now, it’s like I’m in a daze all the time. I keep trying to figure out what I’m missing or forgetting. I always am making lists, and then don’t have the motivation to follow them. I forget everything! I cannot remember my anniversary, sometimes I have to stop and think about my own birthday.

Concentration – I either cannot concentrate or I’m hyperfocused (this might be undiagnosed add). Caffeine sometimes helps, sometimes makes it worse.

Stomach issues – I have some acid reflux, all the time. The only problem is there is no heartburn whatsoever. I have right upper quadrant tenderness, and this area feels bloated to me pretty much all the time.

My vision seems worse than it was, although I haven’t had it checked since I was pregnant. I’m more concerned with a “light tunnel effect” that my vision does every once in a while. It’s like my vision turns into a bright haze, with a very narrow focus (about the size of a persons face standing 5 feet away). This continues with my eyes open or closed, and is accompanied by nausea (no vomiting), and sometimes a headache. It usually subsides within 15 minutes. This one I can control a little, as it seems to happen when I’ve waited too long to eat something.

Hypoglycemia? – I get irrationally moody when I’ve gone too long without eating, or consumed too much caffeine or sugar without a substantial meal.

Light headedness – occasionally, with “vision sparkles” where I can’t see anything but bright sparkles going across my vision and I have to hold on to something for support.

Weight gain – I gained over 40 lbs in 1 year. I was 5’9” 130# and was 170 # by the end of the year. I’m currently somewhere around 180 but I’m only 4 months postpartum.

Exercise – I cannot seem to participate in any exercise without consequences. As mentioned before, I was very active (swim team, drama team, school and a job), now I can barely go up a flight of stairs without muscle soreness. I’m only 28! I have tried “pushing myself” and ended up with a 3 day hangover feeling. I’ve tried building up to exercise, and the muscle and joint pain gets worse.

Osteopenia – diagnosed at age 20. I’m not a huge milk fan, but I’ve never overly consumed soda or other caffeinated beverages.

Chemical sensitivity – (this is where I lose most drs) I cannot drink/eat any artificial sweetener. They give me migraines. I cannot be on birth control, migraines/extreme fatigue/brain fog. I cannot takes Sudafed due to panic attacks and heart palpitations.

Anxiety/General nervousness? – I overthink and analyze everything, and feel out of control most of the time. It drives my fiancé crazy. I cannot seem to get to sleep lately, because my mind won’t shut down.

I’ve tried –
Various diet modifications – I will not do any “Fad” diets – they don’t work. I’ve tried cutting caffeine, sugar, processed flour, introducing and decreasing various foods. I’ve abstained from all fast foods, alcohol, drank more water, etc.

Lexapro – made me more anxious (and really constipated)

B12 sublingual – didn’t help

Vitamins – many various combinations.

Had EEG, CT scan, MRI’s of the skull – normal

x-rays of the hip – normal

labwork – only result was a borderline low B12 lvl (about 250), sublingual b12 didn’t help. Mildly decreased ldl (due to not exercising)

Can anyone help point me either in the right direction, or tell me what to say to a dr so they don’t think I’m a hypochondriac. It seems as though the minute you say the word “internet” your credibility goes right out the window.


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