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too many symptoms reaches NO answers! HELP!

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  • Posted By: moshbydefault
  • September 28, 2008
  • 03:05 AM

hi, I've been having a lot of symptoms that are all very random for a very very long time now, i do NOT know what they are from or what they could be linked too..
OK, ill tell you all my symptoms(sorry it will LONG):
i have horrible pain in my bones and joints constantly, i have blackouts a lot and not meaning PHYSICAL blackouts but periods where i don't have a clue how it happened or how i got somewhere or where i just was.
i get TERRIBLE awful migraines every single day! i have hot flashes about every night or evening, i cant stand the heat i get nauseated and start to get vomit coming up my throat, i get horrid stomach pains like someone is stabbing me, i urinate way way too much for the amount of liquids i consume, i always feel like i am dying of thirst, my memory is non-existent i cant EVER remember anything and its getting worse and worse everyday, i get night sweats even in freezing weather, my feet turn a dark reddish purple when i stand longer than five minutes, i lose hair a lot... like A LOT in clumps, my skin gets itchy and VERY bumpy in the sun, i don't heal well at all what will take someone 1 week to heal will take me more than 5 months, i easily catch infections, i scar a deep purple color and it stays that way it never gets lighter,i diarrhea at LEAST once a day, my skin doesn't absorb moisture to ANY lotion, and i get dizzy everyday for no apparent reason.
I've been getting about 85% of these symptoms for longer than 3 years.

IM ONLY 18 YEARS OLD! and i am a female.
sometimes people tell me i look physically sick, NO doctors listen to me or anything that i tell ANY of them because im so young and they say im just a "hypochondriac" and "i worry too much".
i hate that no one will listen to me! my mom didnt even believe me until she started to see my in so much pain i would cry (it takes A LOT of PHYSICAL pain to make me cry)..i don't know what to do anymore, i dont know who to go see because it doesnt matter it doesnt change that no one will listen to me because of my age.

i don't have a lot of money so i can't afford some expensive doctor but i will go if they'll listen.
im not sure if all these symptoms are connected or its something specific with a few random symptoms attatched?:confused:
im running out of options here! i physically feel like im dying (i know im most likely not) BUT thats how i feel..:(
PLEASE, if you read any symptoms that you know are something tell me.
i need as much help as i can get.

P.S- cancer runs in my family on both my mother and fathers side, my father currently also has cancer.
breast cancer runs in my family i know its none of this but maybe that narrows things out a little?
Also, i haven't gotten my period in years. i first got my period when i was 9 or 10.

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