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Tons of Problems (input is much welcomed)

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 5, 2009
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I have a diagnosis but I'm not quite sure it's the right diagnosis. So I figured what the heck I'll post here and list all the problems I've been experiencing.

Three years ago I was in gym class and running across the gym I stopped running and immediately passed out and smashed my head against a wall. I had no history of passing out before this point. I was rushed to the hospital and it turned out I had gotten a concussion. My doctor ran a bunch of other tests and diagnosed me with hypotension and this other condition I can't remember the name off. Something that when I stand up suddenly or some such all the blood rushes to my feet she said it was common for girl's my age.

A few weeks after a began to develop a myriad of stomach problems which to me are unconnected with the previous episode. Every time I ate I would throw up. I would get a sour feeling in my upper stomach and it was the signal that I was about to puke. The sour feeling would go away as soon as I puked and I would feel better. I completely lost my appetite and I began losing weight rapidly. I went to the doctor's again and they ran another batch of tests and could find nothing and my doctor thought it was acid reflux disease. She gave me zantac which she told me to take as needed. It worked. I no longer threw up every time I ate and my I began putting the weight back on. I was relieved.

Not long after though a new stomach problem began to surface. I would get unbearable cramping in the lower left side of my stomach immediately followed by a bowel movement. It also would happen every time I ate and so once again I lost my appetite and began losing weight. I was having diaherra about 4 to 5 days. I went on like this for about a year before finally getting referred to a specialist. He was worried about bacterial overgrowth and so he put me on an antibiotic and probiotic regiment. After two weeks the symptoms went away. I felt much better than I had in a long time. I could eat and I began to gain weight again.

Around the same time I began to notice that I was getting round bald spots on my head. Initially my doctor thought it was ringworm since I volunteer in an animal shelter. But the ringworm medication didn't work and so she refered me to a dermotologist. She said it didn't look like ringworm and that she thought it was alopecia, an autoimmune disease. She began giving me steroid injections into my scalp which made the hair grow back. Meanwhile my mother was convinced that it was the birth control I was taking was the cause of the bald spots. I stopped taking birth control and I stopped having periods. I knew that sometimes that happened and it took a couple of months for the body to get back into its routine. I didn't have a period for a little more than nine months. I went to a gynocologist and she said that it sounded like I had polycystic ovarian disease which the treatment was birth control. To me this all appears unrelated but I'm mentioning everything that has occured during this three year period.

I wish that would have been the end to it but after a couple of months the symptoms began again. Not as frequently or intensely as they had before but it was all to familiar. After I would eat sometimes my stomach would cramp and I would got to the bathroom and that became the norm. I could live with the pain now. I was used to it. I was sick of going to the doctor's anyway. I never seemed to get a conclusive answer. The tests always came back negative. But then new symptoms began and old symptoms got worse. I began noticing blood in my stool. At first it was just a little so I brushed it off. Then one day there was more blood in my stool then stool. I felt so sickened that I immediately rushed to the hospital. They peformed tons of tests and nothing came back positive instead. I made sure over the next couple of days that I drank plenty of water. My doctor said that it was time to get a colonscopy (something I had been avoiding) and so we scheduled one.

I was relieved because now I was sure that I would finally figure out what was wrong with me. But in the next week a strange thing happened. I felt completely disorientated. I would walk through the halls at school and everything would seem blurry and I would have to reach out to a wall to steady myself. I also felt like I couldn't breath and that there was tons of pressure on my chest. I also had the sensation that my heart was racing so I could not relax so I went back to the doctor's. They did an EEG and took my resting heart rate everything was normal. They did another bunch of tests. Once again my blood pressure was dangerously low but my urine sample was practically all water so they knew it wasn't caused by dehydration. THey hooked me up to an IV for a few hours and informed me that all my other tests were normal accept my potassium was a little low but not enough to make my heart race.

Soon after this incidence I had my coloscopy which showed nothing. So they said it was irratible bowel syndrome and they gave my antispasmodics. However the antispasmodics didn't work at all. Instead my symptoms got worse. I had lost a lot of weight which I couldn't seem to put back on. The cramping was unbearable and I was going to the bathroom at least 5 times a day. After a week I got a call from my doctor. The biopsy's they had taken had shown inflammation in my stomach and they diagnosed me with ulcerative colitis. They put me on anti-inflammatories which worked wonderfully. For the first time in years I felt better. About three days later I got another call. My doctor's said that they no longer thought it was ulcerative colitis but Crohn's disease. I was still on the right medication though. I was feeling much better (although I still didn't gain the weight back). I could eat without pain and didn't have to go to the bathroom more than three times a day.

This is about where I am right now although I'm beginning to notice the pain coming back a little more and I'm frequenting the bathroom more. I'm not worried cause I'm still feeling better but I do not want to relapse into more of the ***l I have been going through. Some old problems are beginning to come back as well. Just last week I passed out in the shower and knocked my head pretty hard I didn't go to the hospital nor tell anybody about it because I was out of the country at the time. I woke up on the shower floor without knowing how I had gotten there. I was really confused and disorientated and nauseas but after awhile I managed to piece together what had happened. My head was pounding and it is still aching actually.

A few random tidbits that I don't really think are a problem but I will mention anyway. I have had problems with headaches all my life but I have noticed that over the last three years they have worsened and I've begun having migraines. I have also noticed that most of the time I am always dizzy and lightheaded. Sometimes I feel like I am just on the verge of passing out. Also I've been noticing problems with my vision. I seem to be more sensitive to light and I almost always drive with the light shade thing down and sometimes my eyes would go blurry. There is one more thing but I think I may just be overreacting. When I'm talking I've noticed that I've begun to stumble a lot more and switch words in my sentences. Also when I am writing I've noticed that I'll think one thing or write another sometimes I even switch letters like d and b, j and g, etc. This I think is just one of those things that have happened a few times but they stand out in my mind so I recall them as happened more frequently.

I think thats it in a nutshell. If anyone has any experience with stomach disorders there input would be much appreciated. The reason I doubt the diagnosis is because I've been wrongly diagnosed so many times before and all the tests are always negative only the colonscopy biopsy ever yielded results and the inflammation they found wasn't even in the place I feel the pain. I'm just concerned because all these ailments seemed to have occured in the last three years and it doesn't seem to be just a coincidence to me.

Anyway thanks to all those who take the time to read this very long recount.

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