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Tired, weak, head rushes

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  • Posted By: denchi
  • September 3, 2008
  • 05:14 AM

Sorry, this is gonna be a bit long! I am a 29 year old male. Never had any serious health problems. Used to drink a lot but stopped 5 months ago. 7-8 months ago I started having an upset stomach almost every day. Diarrhea was not uncommon. Then 5 months ago I had a bicycle accident. Got 6 staples in my head. I had an x-ray and MRI done of the head which was normal.

A month later I started getting dizzy/lightheaded spells. Not spinning, like vertigo, but rather just like floating on water. My ears had pressure and popping, occassional ringing. Also started getting floaters in my vision. Then I started getting a pain in my chest when I moved in certain positions or laid on it. Right where my upper ribs meet the sternum. Had very stiff neck, shoulders and back. Wasn't sure if it was the accident or illness so I got everything checked. Another brain MRI and x-ray (normal), 3 rounds of blood tests (thyroid/glucose-diabetes/liver/pancreas/blood count/etc.) all normal. A chest x-ray and EKG to rule out heart problems, normal. Also went to an orthopedic doctor for chest and neck x-rays, normal. Got my inner ear and hearing checked, and throat checked, normal. Had a sinus exam, normal. The ear doctor also gave me a Electronystagmography to check for balance/vestibular disorders, normal. Had my eyes thoroughly checked by an opthamologist, normal. I went back to an orthopedic doctor who gave me muscle relaxers thinking my neck and shoulders were causing problems, but they just made me even more exhausted. I started going to a chiropractor, and also getting some laser treatment on my shoulders in order to relax the muscles, but they didn't help at all. I've taken various Western and Chinese medicines with no results. I saw a neurologist on a whim who tested for thoracic outlet syndrome, etc., and said she didn't think i had any nerve probelms

Now my symptoms have improved somewhat, but the remaining problems are (1)I am still weak and tired most days. Sometimes eating gives me an energy boost. There are rare days I feel OK though. I thought of diabetes or hypoglycemia but I have had my glucose levels tested 3 or 4 times, always normal (fasting was 90, after a meal was 140 if I remember correctly). (2)Often I get head rushes when I stand up....not always, but more often than normal for sure (at least 5-6 times a day). When I play basketball (something I have always loved to do and have always done) I get kind of lightheaded, head rush-type feelings. (3)Still have floaters, and have vision spots when looking at bright lights (like spots after looking at the flash of a camera). (4)I still have the chest pain when I move certain positions or push on my upper rib at the sternum (I looked in to costochondritis but the anti-inflammatory medicines i was given didn't help, and i have taken omepral for acid reflux to no avail). (5)My bowel movements are usually light orangy/very light brown, often soft, with small bits of food particles it looks like. I get a lot of gas/burping often after eating. I had a colonoscopy which was normal, and also got an abdominal ultrasound which besides 3 small polyps on my gallbladder (doctor said they aren't big enough to be cancerous: 3-4mm) was normal. The doctor said maybe IBS but also said that wouldn't cause the head rushes, etc.

In addition I got a fresh round of blood tests, all normal. My blood pressure is healthy (just had it taken yesterday in fact, 106-64 I think it was) according to every doctor, thyroid and liver function is normal, I am not overweight, etc. I wonder if this is one big mysterious problem? Multiple problems affecting me at the same time? But why can't any of them be found? I have little or no stress. I'm happily married, my job is easy, and I enjoy life. This is really annoying me, as it stops me from doing things I like doing such as playing sports, travelling, drinking alcohol and coffee (these seem to worsen my lightheadedness/head rushes). Any ideas what the heck could be going on? Thanks!

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