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  • Posted By: khet123
  • September 23, 2008
  • 11:54 PM

I am a 33 year old woman who quit smoking a month ago. I have been having problems for three years now, and no one can tell me what is wrong with me. I had my gall bladder removed in July of 2005. I did not have any complications from the surgery except that my side hurt for about a year after I had the surgery. The surgeon said it was nerve damage and let it go at that. I still get pain in my side on and off, but for the most part it doesn't bother me anymore. About a year after the surgery I started getting these attacks where all of a sudden I would feel like I was going to pass out.
I went to my GP and he ran a six hour blood glucose test on me and determined that I was hypoglycemic; the results stated that at the end of the test my blood sugar was below 50. Even though I followed a strict no sugar diet, I still continued to have problems. Granted I didn't have as many problems from hunger because I made sure to eat regularly, I still had the passing out feeling on occasion and constant fatigue. I let it be for a long time and then realized after keeping a journal on the food I ate and purchasing a glucose monitor and checking my sugar regularly that it did not matter what or when I ate my sugar was actually really good. Even after not eating during the night it would still be in the upper 70's. I went back to my GP, and questioned him about my thyroid. He didn't think that was it but tested my blood for thyroid problems, liver or kidney problems, cholesterol and insulin tolerance. It all came back fine. While I was there I mentioned to him that I felt like there was constantly fluid in my right ear, so he sent me to an ENT thinking my balance may be off due to an inner ear problem.
I went to see the ENT who suggested that I probably had Meniere's disease. He put me on lipoflavanoid and ergoloid and a diuretic and told me to get off of salt. He also scheduled and MRI so they could rule out tumors of the brain and cancer. The MRI came back with no abnormalities of the brain or inner ear canals. Since there was no fluid in my ear, the ENT said I can't have Meneire's disease and is sending me to a neurologist. I also had a balance test done (EMG ?) to test my balance and they found no irregularities there either. The list of symptoms I am having is:

Decreased alertness - hard to stay focused on tasks
Difficulty concentrating Having trouble staying focused when reading, working, etc
Lose thoughts easily, particularly while explaining things or telling a story
Fatigue - rarely feel energetic, have periods that even after sleeping 8 hours i get up and a hour later i'm ready to go back to sleep. Have periods when my eyes burn & I can't keep them open
Increasing depression fearing I am seriously ill
constant worry and thinking about my feeling bad
sometimes tingling in hands
sensitivity to noise and light(very jumpy)
brain fog - feel as if I can't think straight
Difficulty finding the right words
Usually cold
Decreased libido - too tired
Low stress tolerance - very easily stressed or iritated especially at work
frequent urination - even at night
constipation alternating rarely with diarrhea
pressure behind right ear, stinging pain behind right ear, inside of ear hurts periodically and itches, feeling of fullness and ringing in ears have gone away with medication from ENT
feel like something is pinched in neck
pressure behind right eye, right side of nose always stuffy
Less frequently but the worst symptom of all is i get these attacks where (I describe it as feeling like I am going to pass out but I am wondering if that is an accurate description) it feels like my chest tightens, my ears ring, i get flushed, hot, and feel like I need to get up and run. I get extremely emotional and swear I am going to die when these attacks come. I know these seem like panic attacks, but I usually get them only when I am relaxed. The majority of the time it is more of a "foggy, not connected" feeling. I feel disoriented and have problems thinking. I usually feel better in the evenings and nights, the mornings and early afternoons are the worst. I forgot to mention that my blood pressure tends to lie on the low side, but the doctors swear it is not low enough to cause any problems, it is usually around 90/68, however when I get nervous or worried it barely moves up. The nurses usually comment about it but the doctors disregard it.

If anyone can help me by at least pointing me in the right direction, or if anyone else has the same problems, I would appreciate any guidance I can get.

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