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Tingling, rash, random neuro. They say im fine but things get worse.

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  • Posted By: myalias101
  • January 18, 2007
  • 08:34 PM

They tell me im fine but im getting worse.
Im really at the end of my rope with this.
So basically my latest mri just came back on my neck and its fine.
But I got all this crazy stuff going on and they've done every test in
the world on me and it all comes back fine.
So, there basically to the point where they are telling me its just
aging and I should just deal with it. But im only 33 and a year ago I felt fine. At this rate.. I cant imagine what its going to be like in another 6 months.
As far as i'm concerned things are getting slowly worse.
Its sending me into depression.
Does anyone have any clue on what this could be? What I can even ask my doctors about?
Ive wrttien a journal of sorts.. Ill copy and paste it. Sorry its not
very clear.. And allot of it is probably irrelivant..

Oh, and my main concern is the tingling which is getting worser and lately has been worse with downwards movement of my neck.

Ive been tested for ms, lupas, lyme, and maybe parkinsons... And
everything else under the sun that any rheumatologist, neurologist,
infectious disease, and general practice doctor can think of.

01 - bilateral hernia operation repaired with mesh

developed pericarditis(ill get this about once a year, to a
lesser degree, each year since)

02 - develop tremor in left hand - diagnosed as essential tremor. Sent
for mri. Comes back clean.

04 - have bout of vertigo at work. Followed by 6 month continues
headache w/sensitivity to light. Never goes away. Feel like i'm being
shocked in the head when I try and sleep. See couple doctors. Nobody
knows that it is. Sent for mri. That comes back clean. Eventually just
fades away.

05 - get headache again. Only lasts for about a month though.

Develop essential (?) tremor on face. When I squench my nose it
will shake. I also devlope a tremor when I pucker my lips.

06 - develop pins in needles on thumb and pointer finger of right hand.
Eventually spreads throughout hand. Descending severity from thumb to
pinkie. Can really feel it after I take a shower. After some time
(months) I can now feel it in the tips of my toes on my left foot but that location comes and goes. Although the pinkie toe is becoming more constant.

Diagnosed (right hand) as carpal tunnel(setting up appointment
to get that verified through referral from old doc). (this was ruled
out later on after tests)

develop perciacrdits and pneumonia. Lands me in hospital. Put on high dose of predinisone (60mg for a 4 or 5 months.. Then get down to about 20mg a day for a couple months. Then eventually taper off. About 8 months tottal on the stuff)

also have tingling sensation on random parts of the body for a
few secs here or there.-

also had a constant bloody nose for about 3 months or
so. Not like it was bleeding but id I blew my nose there was always
blood in my mucus. Sometimes it looked fresh sometimes not. This just
went away 2 months ago when I was in the hospital for the pericarditis.

Around march noticed rash on head. Not painful. Gone now.

Tingling in left foot, this week, has subsided as well as
tingling in right hand for the most part. Aside from when I take a
shower. After that the right hand tingles still. Typically its tingling
in the morning no matter what also if I do something with the
hand to 'trigger' it.

Seems the tremors also change in severity over time. Not as bad
this last week.

Had another MRI after i told Neuro about tingiling in hand. MRI came back fine. Although she said there were some 'white spots' but that i had them in my MRI from a couple years ago and then they didnt say anything because it was more or less normal.. and since then they havent changed.

Update as of jan-07

have gotten the rash 3 more times since. Worse each time. The
second time it was on my face under my beard as well as my head (not painful). This
last time was over most of my face up to about eye level and all over
my forehead. Went back to doc, got same nurse I saw the first time for
this and she put me on another 10 days of some antibiotic.

Made appt. With dermatologist for march.

got off the predisone completely around the beginning-mid

Chest/heart area still slightly sore on the deepest inhale but at
the same time it feels the best it has since my original visit to the
hospital in may.

This past week both the joints in each shoulder have been really
sore. The left one really bad. I cant attribute this to anything. I
would consider the left one to be painful to move. I also have soreness
in the neck area. Same as I reported months ago and is listed above. On
second thought maybe this is from getting off the prednisone.

I quite smoking around mid-dec.

The hand tingling is pretty bad now. Its pretty much my whole right
hand. I realize what triggers it is abrasiveness on it. And it doesn't
have to be very abrasive. Like when I wash my hair my right hand will
tingle for hours. I also get random tingling sensations on my face,
left hand, inner left thigh, and left foot. I wouldn't say it goes numb
though. I can still feel fine with them.
Also, in the morning, my right pointer and thumb are tingling.. Lately this has been lasting nearly all day.

A few weeks ago my blind spot in my left eye got rather large. That
lasted about 10-15 min and then my vision returned to normal.

This last month I noticed when my hand is tingling and I put my chin
to chest it flares up the tingling in my hand. Also, when I get done
running the same action makes my inner left thigh tingle.

Got mri done of neck that came back fine.


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