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  • Posted By: deedee35
  • June 11, 2008
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My story starts with a dry piece of skin on my left big toe. One night in April I came home from work and picked off a dry piece of skin from the top next to the top of the toenail. I guess in the process I might have lifted the toenail somewhat because I woke up the next morning with a ingrown toenail. I initially tried to be an amuetur surgeon and cut it out myself but the toenail was ingrown almost to the root! Of course, I have neuropathy so I didn't feel pain for while I'm sure.

Sometime in the becoming of May I noticed pus coming out of the side that wasn't infected. I decided to "clean" that side which turned out to be a huge mistake. Within hours my toe was swollen down to the knuckle. The foot was burning so bad and painful that I thought I was going to throw up.

I got into my Pdoc the next day who said he could cut it out, but not until the infection was gone. I was put on keflex 500mg three times a day for 10 days. I went back to my Doctor and he cut the right side of the toenail out. The next day my toe still hurt. I called the doctor and let them know because I knew that this amount of pain wasn't normal. She said to give it another day. The next day it still hurt. I called my Pdoc and told them that it was still infected and I needed an antibiotic. They acted like I was asking for morphine and I got really angry because I actually am a Certified Pharmacy Technician and I know how easy it is to call in an RX. Finally, they called in Omnicef but advised me that I had to see the Pdoc on Saturday. During that time, admist the pain, I noticed more neuropathy much like I've had before. I mentioned this to the Pdoc at the Saturday appt but he didn't seem very concerned. He also told me my toe wasn't infected and to keep it open. I told him I would when I got home. It dried up but it still hurt badly. I finally went to a foot doctor my friend had suggested and he was not too pleased with the lack of work this guy did. the Foot Doctor ended up taking off the whole toenail. A culture sample showed a heavy growth staph infection- this after over two weeks of antbiotics. My c-reactive protien levels were high (not to supposed to have any c-reactive protien) and my RDW count was slightly elevated. Suddenly, a little light bulb went off. Wasn't that sightly high on the last blood test. I knew where I could find it out- from this forum.


I noticed that the neuropathy is coming after or during a harsh sudden illness to the body and symptoms are the same. Interesting?

There is sadly more to this story. After the foot doc took off the toe he put me on augmentin and referred me to an Infectious Disease Doctor. My ID Doctor put me on another two weeks of Augmentin.

I have been working and feeling poopy on and off. I was very tired but on Friday I worked and I found myself to be more tired than my usually sick tired. I got home and I had a tempature of 99.3. From that night on I've had nothing but problems. I've had a hot face, slight fever on and off, horrible headache- I couldn't even get out of bed or lift my head. Sometime over the weekend I developed a rash on feet, face, and hands.

I debated over if I would go to the Doctor (new Pdoc!!!)on Monday but I woke up to feeling like I was going to vomit and that did it. I went in and the Doctor stated that he thought that I had serum sickness. I had also developed a new problem. I would get neuropathy in my hand so bad that the thumb contracted in to the palm and the thumb would shake back and forth involuntarily. How am I supposed to function with neuropathy like that?

The new Pdoc took me off the Augmentin and told me to call my ID Doctor. I called him and told him what happened. Was very concerned and made me come in today. He saw the rash and said that it wasn't typical of a serum sickness but that it might be. He said he thought it might be a viral infection. He took a huge deal of bloodwork and told me he wanted to have me get my MRI for my foot earlier than what we had scheduled for the following week. He cancelled my appointment for next week and that he would call me when he got all the results. He made a point of letting me know that he would set me up for another appointment but I live awhile from his office (around an hour). I tried to get him to do an ANA but he said that he might get a false positive right now and that might lead us down the wrong path. I have my MRI tommorow and I see my foot Doc tommorow. Right now I am off work. How I can work like this???

So what do you guys think? I know I have/had a staph infection but what about the neuropathy? The ID Doc asked me if I got bit by any insects but you don't always know that. I just find it interesting that I have neuropathy issues like this almost a year apart exactly around, during, or immediately after a sudden illness. I have my own thoughts.. what do you guys think?

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