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Throbbing PELVIC pains<---Doctors can't seem to find the problem, HELP!

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  • Posted By: Cristal144
  • September 10, 2008
  • 03:51 AM

ok, August 6th, I went to the ER because I had a sharp pain in the pelvic area on my left side for almost a full week, so sharp that I had to go to bed for comfort but that specific day the pain was the sharpest of all days and I went to the bathroom and I found blood, my period was not even close to being due. So the ER ran urine test-- all came back negative, pap smear(3 times came back negative) cervix exam- negative, prenancy test- negative, sti testes- negative. I went to my gyn twice b4 my vist at the ER and I went to my primary doc--- they took cultures--- came back negative--- pelvic exam--- negative.... I went to planparenthood because I thought well maybe they can find something... at this point I thought it could be a uti--- all my test there came back NEGATIVE! The pain went away but this strong odor in the urine increased! I can't tell if it's the urine that has the smell or the vagina... my urine is either clear or light yellow because I drink alot of water but when I was at the ER the test revealed it my cloudy even though they could not find anything wrong, I insisted that I might have a UTI but they told me I was clear of a UTI. So they sent me home with some motrin..hmmm...what am I'm going to do with that?! ok so it is September now and on the 4th, I was back in the ER... this time the pain came back on the left side!!! I usually wait for a few days to see if the pain got worse but that day I went to the bathroom and after my urine had passed, I looked down and I peed a small amount of blood after the urine! so I went back to the ER and my blood pressure was high(I usually have low blood pressure) I had a slight fever also. So this time they tested my blood for numerous things, gave me another cervix, pap smear and pelvic exam---negative and they gave me an ultrasound and vaginal---negative, they told me the ultrasound revealed that my ovaries and stuff are fine so at this point the doc just was like "oh u have a nice uti so I'm going to give u some antibotics" hmmm.... last time an uti didnt show up so I don't know if the doc just wanted to give me something to shut me up or what! When anyway, I finished the medication and guess what? I still have that strong odor, I have slight fevers during the day( mostly morning) and I feel even weak! The pain has not yet to return but I have a feeling it will come back in the beginning of October since this seem to be the pattern. There has been a change in my bowel movements also, they don't even look or smell the same! What is going on?! I was told I had to follow up with my doc so I see her next week and the hospital told me I might have to come back for a MRI, so hopefully they can help me then :(

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