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Throat/chest symptoms for a year and still no answers - Help!!!

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  • Posted By: nellienuts
  • June 22, 2008
  • 08:39 PM

Hi, I'll try and keep this short but like everybody on here would appreciate any advice or suggestions to what is going on as I am at my wits end!

July 07 - severe sore throat, got antibiotics as felt very poorly. kinda cleared up but was tired for a few weeks.
August 07 - minor cardiac ablation for a separate minor heart issue
Sept 07 - 1 week trip to Turkey to recover (maybe worthy of note but don't know)
Oct - tiredness, throat still annoying, glands swollen and just feel off. Realise had been probably since July. Doctors did series of the usual tests - all negative
End Oct - still the same, more tests. Test for Glandular Fever came back borderline, follow-up test 10 days later negative.
November/December - feel dreadful - sore throat, fatigue, weepy, glands swollen, chest cough, hoarse etc. 2-3 weeks off work and loads of rest. (Presumed this was the virus hitting peak? - if that's what it is)
End Dec - still fatigued and very swollen glands in neck and behind ears. Doc ordered more rest and a course of antibiotics to try and clear glands as thought just a viral thing lingering.
January 08 - still all symptoms as above (glands, cough, hoarse etc) but skin starts to get very itchy too, especially in the chest, neck and ear areas. Difficult to swallow although wouldn't say severe, more uncomfortable. Earache starts. Try anti-histamines for itchiness.
Feb - back to docs - referred to General Medicine consultant to check out as now concerned. Prob viral but docs want to be careful.
Apr - GM consultant did tests although said probably viral just lingering. Results came back with shortage white blood cells so referred to haemotologist.
End April - night sweats/chills start in addition to rest. Earache getting bad too. Nauseous also.
Start June - haemotologist - bloods normal, notes chronic hoarseness and is of concern when hears long list of symptoms so recommends to ENT (Ear Nose Throat specialist in UK)
Mid June - went to GP to try and get advice in interim - prescribed drops for ears as apparently very sore looking after examination, different anti-histamines for itchiness and anti-acid drugs for nausea.
Present - waiting on ENT appointment, earache, hoarseness, sore throat, no appetite, difficult to swallow, symptoms not easing, if anything progressively getting worse (but slowly).Points you may need to take into consideration -
I was bulimic for 10 years but it has been under control for the last 2. Only a minor episode about once a month if even. Has this abuse come back to bite me, but in what way? (Yes, I've done the research)
Average drinker but did like to party in my younger days. Past year about a bottle of red wine a week if even. Blow-out about once every few months.
Non-smoker (odd social one years ago)
Female - 33 years old, no children
Good diet, used to exercise regularly before this all happened.

Can anybody give me an idea as to what is going on? Infection in the larynx has been suggested, but why is my chest still got a raspy cough?

If viral why are symptoms getting worse? Can totally accept post viral fatigue but this is just so different as symtpoms plainly still there.

Of course, we all do the multiple symtom checker and to be honest all the diagnoses are pretty serious. If that's to be, cest la vie and all that but I also know not to read into those things too much as they can be simply confused with similar but less serious diseases.

Can anybody help? Or do I just need to start putting the pressure on to get my appointment with ENT as soon as? Apparently it is policy in the UK to see chronic cases of hoarseness within 6 weeks of being referred but I'll believe that when I see it!

Any suggestions for relief? The earache, hoarseness and throat symtpoms are the most depressing at the moment...

Sorry for the life story!

Many thanks xo.

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