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This is my last resort. Please help!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 15, 2008
  • 03:22 AM

•began in may (5.5 months ago)
•pressure in front area of head, partially blocked nasal passages but no runny nose
•Pressure gradually spread to entire head, ears became plugged and have remained plugged since then. Thick/heavy feeling in head has remained.
•Swollen glands in neck, on both sides just above the Adams apple. Sometimes to the point where it feels like I’m being choked, although it has not yet compromised my breathing or swallowing. My throat does often feel/look enflamed but I have not had any ‘sore throats’ during this time. The severity of the swelling fluctuates and I have not been able to pinpoint any pattern.
•Sometimes produce white/yellow/greenish lumps in my mouth that smell and taste quite foul. Not sure if they’re coming down from my nasal passages or up from my throat. They are definitely solid matter but not hard. I spit them out if I can but often I end up swallowing them.
•In early July I had a very severe panic attack (as the emergency room doctor diagnosed it), something I have never experienced before and do not want to experience again. It came on suddenly, beginning in my extremities with a heavy numb feeling, then manifesting in my vision where I began seeing shadowy regions in the outer edges of my visual field, then my heart began beating extremely rapidly and I had great trouble breathing. Was quite sure I was going to die. The main incident lasted for about two hours but I ended up with high blood pressure for about a month and a half afterward. It should be noted that I am not the nervous sort; my friends would characterize me as extremely laid back. I have no history of mental illness.
•Since my panic attack I have had a lot of trouble with dizziness and vertigo.
•Trouble concentrating and focusing. I just don’t feel like my usual self.
•My blood pressure has returned to normal but the other symptoms still remain.
•This is all extremely debilitating, affects my day to day life greatly and I am starting to forget what it is like to feel healthy.

What I’ve done:
•I’ve seen MANY doctors about my issues. My GP several times, 4 walk in clinic doctors, an internist, an allergist, an ENT and an ER doctor. I also saw my optometrist who checked my optic nerve which looks fine and he didn’t see any signs of hypertension in my eyes. My dentist also didn’t notice any abnormalities such as TMJ. (that’s a total of 11)
•Treatments suggested to me were a Neti pot and a humidifier. Nasonex (which I haven’t been on for months now). I had two sinus x-rays/chest x-rays about 2 months apart which both turned up clear. Countless blood tests which all turned up normal, probably about 15 vials total. The blood tests checked for mono, thyroid problems, iron deficiency, Lyme disease, etc. All turned up normal. I did a 24 hour urine test which was normal. I had 2 electrocardiograms and an echocardiogram which both yielded normal results. I had a fiber optic scope inserted through my nose which didn’t show anything. I was on adalat and then switched to metropolol for my blood pressure and am no longer on either since my BP seems to have stabilized at a normal level. My allergy test showed that I’m allergic to dust and cats; I knew about cats already (I’m never exposed to them) and my mom is allergic to dust so we are very careful about eliminating dust in our house.
•What I would like/what I’ve wanted all along is a head/neck CT or MRI and I have mentioned this to several doctors but I’ve been shot down every time. They all tell me the same thing “it probably wouldn’t show us anything” and some also mention not wanting to expose me to the CT radiation. I have no further appointments scheduled, I feel as if I’ve exhausted all possible avenues. I’m totally on my own here so this is my last resort.

About me:
•I’m a 24 year old male. I am a full time university student and work part time as a porter at a hospital (so I could have been exposed to something unusual). I was very athletic up until this started affecting me, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, and I drink casually. I NEED to get better VERY soon; this is no way to live.

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