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Terrible BRAIN cramps, and sharp pains

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  • Posted By: Aimee2121
  • July 6, 2008
  • 06:02 PM

I am a 21 year old female from Ireland and was diagnosed with epilepsy in December 07 after having a one sizure in August o7, a drop attack in October and another seizure in December. Have had 2 M.R.I's M.R.A and M.R.V and 2 E.E.G's (one which was abnormal) which were all normal however my c.t brain showed white patches on one side? I was taking Lamictal 25mg in the beginning and then reached 125mg aswell as been intriduced to Topamax in April this year for severe migraines. I have suffere typical migraine since I was 15 with aura but after my "drop attack" they took a significant change.I didnt bang my head so Im sure this is not the cause. I get squeezing, cramping,dart like pains that often interrupt my speech and movement for a brief few moments,sometimes my eye droops. I often get more than 20 a day. Sometimes i can get 3 of the 3 types of head aches and am ALWAYS left feeling exhausted, my eyes feel sandy and my left eye feel larger than the other. They began on the right side of the head and then were occuring on bothe sides but in the last month have benn constant on the left side only. I was taken off Lamictal last month as my neurologist thinks I was labeled Epileptic too soon and my seizures are A-Typical so I'm waiting for appointments for an echo-cardiogram, and sleep-deprived E.E.G and I wil also be sent home for 24 hours with a heart monitor to rule out any underlying heart problems?! Its taking forever to receieve these apps I am at a total loss. When I began taking Topamax the headaches stopped for one week before returning again, and on top of having horrible withdrawls from Lamictal Im feeling so exhausted mentally and physically. I'm now taking Lexitan for a few days that my G.P prescribed on Thursday to relax my the muscles in my brain to see to it help.(this has been the 3rd trial he has prescribed). I have had no other seizures but the lates event was Thursday where I experienced one of my headaches and I felt the pain on the left side of my head.throat,and chest and down the back of my left leg. Im not due to see my neurologist till the 29th of this month and feel I will literally go mad. Im sick of being told they are migraine-like headaches, and they are not sure whats going on.Apart from these I lead a very healthy lifestyle, but do suffer low-blod pressure. CAN ANYONE RELATE TO THIS IN ANY WAY PLEASE????????????????:(

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