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symptoms changing during pregnancy....wild

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  • Posted By: Mtkrv05
  • December 30, 2008
  • 00:37 AM

Im 33 year old female....6 months pregnant, current weight 118lb.
I have suffered severe joint pain and fatigue, general "sick" feeling for the last 6 years. I had a child during this time, he would have turned 6 in Feb...(he drowned this past summer). I have been under severe stress.....I was seeking help all those years ago for unexplained strage symptoms from enlarged lymph nodes (have been since childhood....every doc I see comments on them....yet says nothing at all?)...I have joint pain....I was getting radio frequency for back pain before I became pregnant (I had a car accident in the midst of the testing for all of this....the back pain was increased by torn disks after that)....I was told it was Fibromyalgia? They had not a clue. RH test was "borderline" (was a 4 I think....if anyone knows what that means)....lupus test was "inconclusive". I was getting blurred vision.....just strange stuff. They got rid of my pain by sending me for meds with a pain doctor and the RF treatments.....the other symptoms stayed, but I just listened to the doctors. In the last month, I got a funky rash on my head....not in clusters, but small bumps in various spots that would flake and go away....like little blocked sebacious glands? Oil bumps? (I shower and wash....so its not a "clean" issue)....I've gotten a scabby rash around the cracks on the right side of my nose, on my chin, and the right lip crack. Not "bumps" like a breakout or acne....but dry flaky really red clusters. I now have petechia (sp?)....ALL over my chest, on my hands....some have gotten dime sized but you can still see the little pin point that it was when it started. A few of these spots have been there all my life, but have just now started to spread? I press them and they turn normal skin color...I'm tired, have no desire to even get up and do anything.....I have no sex drive. I'm thinking some sort of autoimmune disorder? Lupus?....but those tests years ago came back normal.....or "what they doc called normal". I'm going to question my OB when I go in....but I'm afraid she will say that "its because of the pregnancy".
did I mention that after I shower it looks like a "wookie" bathed in my tub? My hair falls out in clumps! I have no bald spots....but its really beginning to scare me...my friends are starting to ask "what are those spots on your hands"? they attribute the rash on my face to "hormones". What the heck is wrong with me????
Im terrified.:confused::(
EDIT::I left some symptoms out. I can hear my heartbeat in my left ear..... I lose hearing in that ear at sudden moments and it "sounds" like I had just left a rock concert...then it returns to normal but with ringing that lasts forever. My head hurts most days off and on....but I can never "pinpoint" WHERE its coming from.
My skin is strange....when I shower, Its as If I used a chemical to slough my skin. It rolls off. If I dont scrub hard enough in the shower, when I try to towel off, the skin is rolled all over....then I have to get back in and try again. I use sea salt to help with that. Its never raw....just gross. Feet expecially. the skin gets thick on them and Im forever getting pedi's to keep them "sane" looking. Im sure Im leaving something out.....I'll add If I remember.

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