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Symptoms & Risk of Contraction....

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  • Posted By: kungfupanda3333
  • August 5, 2008
  • 07:20 PM

A warm helo to all the experts on this forum.

Last nite i had this incident involving 2 sex workers....I'm a 26 year old man.

i indulged in protected vaginal sex , followed by Oral sex ....I've read some info on this forum & kind of feel that since i used a condom i don't have much to worry about, but then i could use some expert opinion to reassure myself.

But there are a couple of things i need to mention as well...Basically i had had a few drinks & was not thinking very correctly, but what is done is done i guess....

One of them had a couple of warts near her breast....she had touched them & then touched me whilst fondling my penis & groin area, before she had put on a condom....When she fondled my penis my penis was exposed at that time & the condoms had not been put...it was more of foreplay then...is this some sort of risk for HIV or an STI ???

Earlier that day also i had cut myself on the leg on a stone whilst walking on the beach....now when one of the sex worker's was performing oral on me, she was sitting on my leg.....& her vagina was on that cut & her vaginal fluids came in contact with the cut..Is it possible that her vaginal fluids that came in contact with that cut caused the possibility of a HIV infection ???? This cut was just 5 hours old & that's why i'm worried...& i had forgotten to put a bandaid on it.......it's gonna be silly of me really to have got infected this way.....after taking good precautions for the real deal....

The vaginal & Oral was performed with condoms on & i'm sure they dint tear cause when i climaxed...the semen did not come out & both condoms i used were in intact..Yeah i used 2....

Please let me know if any of these is a risk for HIV or any STI infection ???

Also....i know HIV dies immediately when exposed to the air, but is there any chance of it surviving in water......???

Since then i've been worried of contracting HiV infection.......2 weeks after the incident i developed a pimpular rash on my back which subsided in 4 - 5 days....After which since around the 6 week time frame from the encounter i developed severe muscle twitching in various parts of the body & some crawling & tingling experiences in my feet...Could this be HIV serconversion or HIV multoplying inside my body....i'm also under a lot of stress lately, can't think straight & also have some blurring vision sometimes...but the real nuisance is the muscle twitching & the crawling......or ticking in my feet.....i feel likt i've worn a virtual sock on my right foot esepcially..

At the 6 week time frame i tested with a Rapid antibody test which came back negative.....but the state where i live in says that 3 months is when one can conclusively test for HIV ???

-- Are my symptoms consistant with HIV infection ????

-- How encouraging is the HIV test i took at 6 weeks ????

-- Could i be a late seroconverter which is why since the 5 week time frame i've developed these symptoms ???

-- What is the % of risk from my incident given the fact that i fingered the woman deep into her vagina & there was a pretty new cut on that finger ??? & do transmissions like these occur this way generally & have they occured in the past.....

The cut on my leg was not actively bleeding but was moist as it was just 5 hours old....

I would realy appreciate an answer from the knowledgeable experts on this forum..thanx!!!

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