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Swollen right cheek, jaw and gland please help!

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  • Posted By: laurz1984
  • September 28, 2008
  • 11:26 PM

I am currently 37 weeks pregnant and all throughout my pregnancy ive had a swollen right gland and cheek its never really caused me much bother or been painfull until quite recently to which I have been back and forth to the dentist.
I had 1 xray just on my two back right wisdom teeth and it just showed a possible infection as there was shadowing on the gum(this was then referd to the dental dept at my local hospital. I have been on amoxocillin, co-amoxiclav and now I am on metronindazole (all to be the lowest dose due to my pregnnacy) as the others didn't seem to have worked. My xray was referd to my local hopsital and the dental dept there advised I need my last wisdom tooth taken out (on the right side) as its impacted. As im a wimp I dont want to be awake even tho I will be going through hours of child labour! so I will have to wait until I can be put to sleep.

im asuming this is a dental problem? as my right cheek,jaw and gland are swollen but not entirly painfull just an uncomftable sensation up the right hand side of my face and the only time it seems to cause me mither is when I rise my mouth out with salt water its not painfull its just quite irratating and also this wisdom tooth seems to be slightly irrated as well, its just causing me so much trouble as I dont know what it is (this is why im frustrated) and I cant sleep that well as its.

I have been back and forth to my gp's and my dentist and no one seems to think anything is worng with me? My normal dentist didnt not even see from my xray that my tooth was impacted. Hopefully before im due to have the tooth taken out they can do a full xray of my face as no one seems to want to investigate further what is wrong with me? there is no sign of an absess but ive not had a full xray as yet.

I have also been to see few Gp's they did blood tests for mumps & glandular fever and any other infections to which all came back negative but suggested that my body is fighting is or was fighting an infection?
they all seem to think thats nothing wrong with me I even went to see an ENT doctor to which he advised my gland didnt seem swollen,I know my own body and can feel its slightly swollen. I know swollen glands suggest the sign of you body fighting an infection but I cant figure outs what could possibly be wrong with me? My dentist hasnt suggested a possible absess as i assume this would of shown up on the 1 xray of the 2 last wisdom teeth on the lower jaw (right hand side)

Has anyone had or experienced anything simliar? i suppiose all i can do is wait until my babt arrives and then have a full xray of my face im just going crazy everyday with this weird sensation swelling and redness of my cheek and no one seems to know what it is?

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