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Swelling in feet, legs and vomiting for 4 weeks

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  • Posted By: birdman
  • November 8, 2008
  • 02:17 PM

I'm 52 this month and i only see a doctor in have-to-cases and am generally healthy as a horse. 2 years ago my appendix burst and of course that required surgery and 24 years ago i had a car wreck and that's about all i go to the doctors for.

About 4 weeks ago i started vomiting (which is rare for me) and it continued for a week until i was dehydrated and went to see an internal medicine doctor (same one that i went to when appendix burst) and he's young, smart and nice as can be but he can't find exactly what's wrong.

He took chest xrays 2 visits and very little there. I had a bad could and cough and the cold is much better but the cough hangs on. I had a litlte chest rattle but not much seen on the xray, just a small something.

Blood work from the first visit showed i had hepatitus, which i had as a teen, but today 4 weeks later and 5 labs later - the remaining 4 blood works show liver functioning within normal range and he says some viruses mimic hepatitus.

The first visit he gave me 2 ivs and that helped. Week 2 my back had a lump of fluid come up on it near my beltline but the doc couldn't tell it, but when sitting in my office chair it felt like i had a shirt wadded up behind my back. And a few days later my feet, ankles and legs began to swell.

I'm usually skinny and my feet,, ankles and calves got so big i thought they might burst. I could bareky shuffle threw the house and knew if they got any worse i would have to call an ambulance to visit the doctor as i had no wheel chair.

Next visit to the doc, he could sure find the swelling as i had put on 20 lbs and feet looked like a balloon. He said protein was escaping the blood and causing swelling and gave me water pills. Today the swelling is down to about 20% of what it was a week ago and i can tell the thing in my back is leaving too. But he can't really say what's causing it other than proteins escaping the blood.

He sent me to the hospital where they did an ultrasound on my abdoman and found nothing wrong with gall ballder or that stuff. They did find a cyst on my spleen but said it was nothing. He talked of sending me to a gastro doc but never did. Foof don't taste good and i vomited again night before last and that happens off and on since 4 weeks ago.

My doc confered with 2 other internal medicine docs in his building about me but they say it's funky and they have no new ideas.

I did notice that one leg, foot was and is swollen larger than the other and when i told the doc he looked at the side of my neck and ask if i was short of breath ever, which I'm not. And overall i feel much better, but my legs and feet and ankles were an awful site to behold and i wonder what's out of whack.

The only other symptom is just the past 2 days i have been able to lasy down to sleep at night and most of the time i had to sit up in a chair as so much gas would build up on my stomach.

I tried to call and make an appointment in our capital city as an outpatient at 2 hospitals in their internal medicine departments to get a second opinion. One wouldn't take me without a docs referral and the other said it would be over a month before i could get in, and i figure i'll be well or to bad to go by then.

Any ideas are appreciated :)
The Birdman

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