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Suspecting Grotjen's - or it's something else?

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  • Posted By: dudasd
  • November 24, 2008
  • 09:56 PM

Three weeks ago, I had a very painful salivary gland inflammation that was diagnosed as a "common inflammation of submandibular gland". After a strong set of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicines, now my other submandibular gland got inflamed. As the pain is milder this time, I recognized it and realized that I have had it many times in last 3 or 4 years (sometimes on the left side, sometimes on the right, never simultaneously). I tried to find out a bit about possible causes, for I wouldn't want to bother the doctors for nothing, but I also don't want to neglect my health. So I just need to know should I ask my doctor to send me to do tests on Grotjen's syndrome (which is not much explored in my country, so it would be a trouble for him too). Or if the symptoms implore something else, what it can be?

Here are the symptoms I have noticed, with some history (I apologize because of the long list):

(Note: I am 39 years old)


- Rheuma, since childhood, which have progressed with years. Mostly affecting one forearm only (including elbow and wrist), right hand sometimes. No visible malformations; kept under control by diclofenac.
- History of averagely hyperactive thyroid gland, diagnosed in adolescence; many symptoms (like eating much and losing weight, or trembling) dissapeared with the birth of my 2nd child 7.5 years ago. No hormonal treatment.
- Tachycardia (cause unknown, from childhood). In last 17 years it got reduced from 115 beats per second to 94 beats per second, averagely. No medical treatment expect in pregnancies (when the rate increased too much).
- Low blood pressure.
- Allergies (mostly caused by chemistry like detergents or preservatives in food).
- Lack of some stomach enzymes, not thoroughly explored (estimated by symptoms only, not by sounding), as well as occasional lack of acid. I can't digest some kinds of food, especially sweets except pure sugar and honey.
- Dry vagina, very often, from my twenties. (Though it can have psychosomatic reasons as well.)
- Urticaria. It appears without a recognizable reason, for 13 years already, mostly on legs, upper side of the hands and rarely on the abdominal area.


- One acute and very painful inflammation of the left wrist.
- Pains in my neck, often, left or right side, in the area of submandibular glands. (I thought it was pains in muscles.)
- Occasional problems with breathing. I can't inhale and I feel like I'm going to "vomit" my own lungs.
- Dry throat, often. Also I am making a little coughing sound whenever I have to talk, and often before I fall asleep.
- Dry mouth, often, combined with occasional and sudden "floods" of saliva. White tongue from time to time. Feeling of sticky palate.
- Occasional tiny sores on my lips.
- Dry and itching eyes, with blurred vision often. (I wear glasses and go to the controls, so it's not a wrongly diagnosed diopter.) Feeling of a "foreign body". Occasional and sudden "floods" of tears as well.
- Dry nose (itching sometimes), very sensitive (slightly painful tingling from time to time, especially in cold rooms). Ocassional fits of sneezing, followed by floods of quite watery secretion. Problems with sinuses from childhood. Calcification of the frontal sinus (I am not sure I am using the right term, I was told that it's a layer of calcificated tissue that reduces the space of the sinus), diagnosed 10 years ago as stage I. (I haven't controlled it since then.)
- My urticaria got worsened. In last two years it was especially bad after coming from the seaside, so much that I couldn't walk, it would start as a common rash and finish with swollen legs, and lasted for days.
- Painful tingling in fingers, especially under the nails. Dometimes my nails get slightly bluish. Rarely, painful tingling in toes. When I take a shower, I noticed that my toenails go utterly blue. (Not dark blue, more sky-blue.)
- Deformation of fingernails – parralel ridged stripes.
- Pains in my right knee after any longer walk, feeling that "bone scratches another bone". (I haven't checked the cause yet.)
- Occational light pains or feeling of pressure in the area of the thyroid gland, problems with swallowing.


- Terrible fatigue.
- Submandibular glands inflammation.
- Pains in armpits.
- Painful and "heavy" hands (I just can't type sometimes).
- I experienced near-to-suffocating several times during the sleep, with the feeling of "closed throat".

So, should I bother my doctor or not? I know it will be a problem for him to arrange me all the tests. Thank you very much for your advice.

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