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  • Posted By: nwscrapmom
  • December 10, 2008
  • 00:19 AM

Allow me to start by saying thanks for reading. I am a 40-year old female who has been fighting fatigue issues (as well as other things) since my mid- to late-20's. I have been told by my primary care physician as well as 2 endocrinologists that my thyroid labs are fine. Here is my list of symptoms:

inability to lose weight (have been on Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Slim Fast, South Beach diet. Latest attempt: lost 1/2 pound after 5 weeks on South Beach).
Freezing cold (my "normal" body temp is around 97.8°).
Brittle hair, when I wash my hair in the morning, I get lots of hair coming out onto my hands.
Very irregular periods in the past 3 years (maybe 6 cycles in that time).
EXTREME fatigue (best way to describe is crushing).
Zero libido.
When I awaken during the night to go to the bathroom, I often go back to bed and lay there wide awake for sometimes up to 2 hours (so I take Tylenol PM or other OTC sleeping pill every night plus Melatonin).
Forgetting "stupid" things I shouldn't forget.
I had seen a naturpath several years ago who had my on Cytomel and Armour thyroid meds (treating based on symptoms, NOT labs). Those were the best 2 years of my LIFE. I felt human again. Unfortunately we moved and I lost track of him. I finally reached my breaking point and saw a P.A.-C about 2 weeks ago who did blood work. So... new doc sends me for labs. Thyroids (again) show normal, hormones normal, no hepatitis, no Lupis, no rheumatoid, possible perimenopause. The thing that surprised me is "slightly elevated liver enzymes". I am a casual drinker... maybe 2 glasses of wine twice a week (if even that).

He won't do anything about the inability to lose weight or fatigue (or other issues) until I see a gastroenterologist. They called today to schedule, but can't see me until Jan. 20. If I go off my diet, I gain weight. Sticking to the diet, I maintain. I am too exhausted to work out (and when I did work out, I felt like I had been hit by a truck... feeling didn't go away after 4 weeks of exercise in fact it got worse).

I feel like I am being a lousy mom... no energy to do things with the kids or family. In addition to seeing a gastroenterologist, he wants me to have a sleep study done. My husband and I have talked about this and don't feel that should be a priority at this time. I don't snore, don't have issues breathing at night, usually can fall asleep in the first 20 minutes. Yes, I am obese (maybe 70 lbs.) but I am actively TRYING to lose weight. Even going to Weight Watchers and walking on my treadmill for 50 minutes a day 6 days a week, I lost only about 4 pounds in 16 weeks.

I am exhausted. I am tired. I am at wit's end trying to find a physician who will listen to me and will help come to a solution to my problems. I had one doctor tell me it is because I have children. I had another doctor shake his finger in my face and tell me to "quit micromanaging your thyroid!". I have had another tell me it is all in my head. I just don't understand and I no longer know where to turn.
:( Kris

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