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strange vulva condition

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 21, 2010
  • 07:15 AM

Okay I'm not sure that anyone can actually help me but here goes. This started several months ago when one night i rolled from my side to my back and felt a sudden sharp pain near my perineum. It was almost impossible to sit that day because of the pain, i had to sit on my hip and it still hurt. The next day it still hurt but not as bad. Upon my first examination i didn't see anything, just a slight redness near the vaginal side of the perineum.
The next day it hurt whenever pee hit back there and was still a bit sore to sit. I looked again and did not see any cuts or anything. I did however notice that the bottom of my labia had begun to look somewhat wrinkled and a bit sagging on one side. Then I rolled from my side to my back at night and felt a sharp pain again followed by a feeling of release, and relief too and while I lay there unmoving I didn't feel any pain. Then I moved and I still hurt but not as much.
The next day the pain felt like a healing rash feels and when I looked again to see if there was a rash and it was more wrinkled and when i pinched one of the lips it held the shape for a second before going back. It was also foul smelling from the first day I think, never smelled anything that bad. After a few days my vulva wasn't wrinkly like that anymore but it appeared smaller to me, like the lips weren't as puffy as they used to be.
The smell got less and less bad as the days went on and my period arrived on time and I still smelled after period and at first thought it was just cause period just ended but it didn't go away and then 9 days after the period ended I had brownish red discharge mixed with the regular white discharge and this lasted for 5 days and then was just smelly until next period came on time again.
5 days after that period the brownish red discharge came again and lasted for a full week. The smell got gradually less. The next period I had it after too then went awhile without and with an ok smell but still not my normal smell. Then when I was supposed to get my next period instead I got smellier and the same brownish red discharge and after like a week it mostly went away except still smelled a bit and almost two weeks late got period. After that period I seemed fine just smelly sometimes and sometimes the smell wasn't so bad.
During the times between periods and strange discharge my normal like discharges were yellowish and once or twice appeared a faint yellow green on the panty liner but just yellow on toiliet paper.
After my last period which came on time I was fine for a while and now my vulva looks wrinkly again and smelly. I examined it because sometimes when i wiped it hurt and I wanted to see if I had a rash but didn't see any rash, just the wrinkly skin, which was not wrinkly a few days ago. It has the moldable consistency again too like that first time only I think it's more moldable this time.

I have not been able to find anything online about something that can make your labia wrinkly and of moldable consistency.
I cannot go to a doctor because I have no insurance and I am a virgin, not even a kiss and so I'm not comfortable with some random person in an er examining me, especially if it's a guy.

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