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Still having some joint pains

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 3, 2008
  • 03:44 AM

I posted a few weeks ago about my persistant joint pains and I am now going into my 8th week soon of this and still having the pains on and off, although they are getting less and less and I can go a couple of days feeling pretty much OK. When they do come back they are not as bad as the time before, but are still pretty painful. I still only have a diagnosis of a virus or post-viral. I even had a western blot Lyme test done and that was negative. I also had my sed rate and crp checked again and it is normal. I still only have the symptom of joint pain mostly in my wrists, left elbow, sides of my feet and toes, and occasionally my knee and my ribs a little. This is an improvement as I was at first hurting everywhere, in every joint with horrible muscle aches, although the pain in my palms, wrists, and fingers can still be bad. I have no swelling at all and no inflammation and have never had any. I really have no other symptoms right now, beside my back still achy from when I injured it in August, but that is another story.

I really do hope this is just a virus, but 8 weeks just seems ridiculous!

Any advice on where I could get more information would be great.

Here is my original post a few weeks ago to get the back story:

About two months ago I hurt my back and this resulted in a bulging L1 disc. I did physical therapy and took Nsaids and pain pill for 4 weeks before visiting an Ortho. surgeon who put me on Relafen and Medrol dose pack (oral steroid) to reduce inflammation around the disc. I was feeling pretty good for about two days and around the third day into taking this medication I started to have chest pains and went to the urgent care.

Upon arriving at the urgent care they did an EKG and came back with an abnormal result. I was then sent to the hospital (very scary) and admitted to the ER where they did further tests and a cardiologist figured out they I had Pericarditis (which is inflammation of the pericardium of the heart) and can be caused by a virus or autoimmune disease. This was a relief because it meant that it was not a serious problem with my heart and my Pericarditis ended up going away on its own with just taking Advil to reduce inflammation. I stayed overnight in the hospital and continued to take Nsaids and the medrol dose pack. I felt OK except I was extremely fatigued and my lower and upper back hurt. About a day later I started to notice stiffness in my fingers and about a day later I had bad joint pain and stiffness everywhere. I saw my primary doc who told me all my autoimmune tests that were done at the hospital were negative (even my sed rate was normal) and since I had no swelling in my joints that I probably had some kind of virus.

A few days later I ended up having such severe joint pain and burning feeling under my skin that I went back to the hospital. They ran even more tests on me to rule out Lymes, Mono, and autoimmune and everything again came back normal. So they gave me some pain meds and sent me on my way.

The next day I went back to the ER because I was really suffering with the joint pain/burning. My primary Doc told them to admit me for a couple of days and they sent a Rheumatologist to see me. He ran some even more advanced test on me which took about a week to get back and they were again all normal. He did take me of the oral steroids and I started to feel a little better a few days later, although that was 3 weeks ago and I still have the joint pain and burning that comes and goes, but is not too severe.

I have seen 3 Rheumatologists in the last month who have all stated that from my tests and the fact that I have no swelling at all I do not have an auto-immune disease and that I have some kind of nasty virus.

I did also see an Infectious Disease doctor who stated I probably have the Coxsackie virus because it came back positive on the test results, but then a rheumatoligist told me that could have been positive only because I had it sometime in my life.

It has been 4 weeks and I am still not well. It is just hard to believe this can all be due to a virus. I was also in perfect health before this happened and had to even drop out of the Chicago Marathon because of all of this. Any ideas??? I just can't believe this is all due to a virus.

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