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Starting to feel helpless!

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  • Posted By: mommy2paisley
  • November 2, 2008
  • 10:41 PM

I started having headaches in 2000, when I was 20 years old. I was first told they were sinus headaches, and treated them with those type of meds. I went to the chiropractor, etc., which seemed to help a bit, but not much. They've gotten progressively worse over the years. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with cluster headaches, then migraines.

A few months ago, the headaches got to be intolerable. They start at my cheeks, under my eyes, they go up my head, down my neck, behind my ears, down the middle of my back. My doctor gave me muscle relaxers, pain relievers, nothing worked. He gave me an injection in my neck, didn't work. X-rays of my neck were normal. He sent me to physical therapy, that just made me worse. After two visits of PT, I started having numbness up and down my arms, then my fingers all started contracting together. I could pull them apart with the other hand, but couldn't pull them apart on their own, if that makes sense. He sent me for a nerve conduction study and EMG, which was normal. He did an MRI of my neck, which was normal. He gave me a medrol dose pak which seemed to help a few weeks, then I was back to hurting a gain. The headaches NEVER went away, just the neck/back pain was tolerable those few weeks. Then my upper lip started to go numb and contract, same sensation as my fingers and my friend said it looked like I was making a funny face. My face felt tingly, and I could feel my eyes twitching, but that wasn't visible in the mirror, or to anyone looking at me. I went to the doctor, and told him the pain was getting worse, and went over the new symptoms, and he sent me for a brain MRI last Thursday that I haven't gotten the results back for.

I'm also having a really hard time thinking of things when I'm talking. My mind just goes blank, and I can't come up with the words I'm wanting to say. I am doing this with my work, too.

My upper muscles, arms, back, shoulders, all feel so weakened, and my head hurts soooo bad. I just feel like I'm going to lose it! I am a court reporter, and this is making it VERY hard for me to do my work! The last deposition I took, I felt like I couldn't figure out what I was doing! It was like I couldn't remember HOW to do things! I'm terrified of WHAT is wrong with me OR that they're not going to be able to find anything since everything else has come back normal, and that I'm just going to have to deal with this pain FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!

What can I do? I'm starting to feel scared and helpless! I'm hurting all the time, my work is suffering, my housework is always not done, so my husband always has to do way more than his share, or it's just a total disaster in our house, which makes us all stressed out, my poor daugther doesn't get her mommy's attention like she deserves, and I just feel like I will go crazy if I have to continue this cycle of waking up hurting, hurting through the day, and going to bed hurting one.more.day.

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