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Sore throat,red neck, red eyes,fatigue etc and ideas ?

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  • March 23, 2008
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I will give some history first to lead up to what I now am suffering from,which may be entirely seperate thing or connected.

In about Dec 2006 I had what I thought was food poisoning as had severe pains in stomach and was shivering. Stayed in bed and after 2 days was gone and I forgot all about it. Was always slightly tired as was under severe stress for personal reasons.
In October 2007 I got the same pain in stomach but this time accompanied by bloated stomach and bloating in groin (right side). I should say at this point that I have 2 badly infected teeth ,one with small abcess which I am waiting to have removed under GA.I have lived with those for past 2 years.

Anyway I went to Doctor but he could not diagnose. I should say at this point I had for 9 months at least been suffering from unexplained fatigue and nausea in morning until about hour or more after I had risen in morning (it was hard to get out of bed through severe lethargy which was not heloed by sick feeling) . It remained even after 4 days and on about 5 th day I stretched backwards by chance and there was a sudden "release" .From that point the bloating started to go down.
I still had the severe fatigue and nausea. Then in about early January 2008 the pain and bloating started again. This time I contacted another doctor and went to see him. He immediately said that I had a Hernia. He was adamant even though the other times the doctors had not even thought of that. He immediately called ambulance for me and I was admitted. Doctors there could not agree and they gave me CT Scan. Then they said after seeing that that I did NOT have a hernia but that my lymph node in groin was enlarged and so were few others.. They said that they would give me GA and take out groin lymph node for Biopsy.
The surgeon then found that infact I DID HAVE A HERNIA ,infact a femoral hernia, and that was fixed at same time as they took out lymph node.

So everything was complete. I was taking antibiotics to stem the infection in my 2 teeth that I mention earlier and that course end 2 days after I came out of hospital on about 24th January 2008. Should also mention here that the new Flat I moved into in about Sept 2007 was very damp and in about December 2007 I bought a DE humidifer to dry the air out. It could also be noted that there is some damp still in the cupboard and some black mould.(in case that may be some part of the cause). The de humidifier has worked and the flat is no longer humid as it was.

All was ok and teeth were not playing up. In about end january 2008 I had a contact lense stick to one eye so decided to stop using them and squint at the computer screen (which I use and have used a lot (say 12 hours a day) for past 10 years) . Then in about mid february 2008 I started noticing that in the mornings my eyes felt heavy and they were noticeably red. The starnge thing was that this redness disappeared after I got up. There was a slight ache behind the eyes on ocassions during the day but nothing major . This happened every day. I then also noticed in about Mid February 2008 that I have, and still have, a red throat. This was not like a normal sore throat that had as a kid as it does not hurt. I also then noticed slightly later the outside of my neck was also red and still is. Also occasional slight blotchy red on top of chest upon rising in morning. There is also now a reddish tinge to face that was not there before. I am now, late March 2008, coighing up a little bit of flem/mucus amd can notice that flem taste in throat a bit as if a long lasting infection is loosening up.
Only other symptom I have that is noticeable is a regular pins and needles type feeling in the top area of my left ear which has been occuring for about 6 months or so. I also have very dry throat, infact increasingly dry, and get up for water about 3 times every night as I do for the loo. I have had this dry throat and getting up for loo every night for several years but has definately got worse recently with the sore throat added.
My eyes are very dry and never before have I seen both corners of each eye so dry . This is combined with the increasingly dry throat & mouth. I can also taste the infection from the teeth and am taking special mouth was to kill the bacteria (have only taken that, Retardex, for past 4 weeks or so) . Went to Optician on about 18th March 2008 and they took photos of backs of eye, did pressure test etc etc and said that although had dry eyes otherwise all appeared fine. Ordered pair of glasses to use instead of contacts on computer. Optician said it could be tiredness of eyes that was causing red eyes in morning but not sure. I dont think so.

So at this time, 23rd March 2008, I have sore/red throat, red appearance to neck, slightly blotchy red appearance at top of chest upon rising and red eyes upon rising . All except the red neck and sore throat disappear after I have got up in morning (leading me to think that when I am lying down something in draining down towards my head reion and making eyes red ??) .I have dry throat now both daytime and night time but worse at night. Very fatigued in morning although I have noticed that on quite a few days over past few weeks the fatigue has been pretty much missing and have got up early and back old self but having said that recently have had the fatigue back along with slight nausea in morning. Can taste the flem a bit in throat and coughing a little sometimes feel the flem in throat.
Eyes also still red in morning and still very dry and I now have noticeable bags under my eyes which I have never had before .

Any ideas? Maybe I picked up infection during the hospital stay and when under GA with whatever tube down throat ??. Have not had sore throat before and not for so long (4 to 6 weeks). Maybe could be something to do with these 2 teeth infecting my system ??.


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