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Some very odd symptoms - please help

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  • Posted By: Nascar_Perry
  • February 24, 2008
  • 07:35 PM

I will try and be as detailed as possible in the hopes someone here may know what is wrong. I will also provide my information as a timeline.

Wednesday 02/20/08
I stayed home from work with what I felt was the flu, feeling stuffed up, sore throat, a headache type feeling in my neck. I tried to relax and drink lots of fluids and rest up, I had a temp of 36.0 C. In the afternoon, I took a normal dosage of Buckly's Cold and Flu (similar to Dayquil) and felt more clear.

During the day I also consumed approx 3-4 cups of coffee

Thursday 02/21/08
I felt a little better, minor headache, muscle aches particularly in my left chest area roughly 2-3 in above and to the left of my heart. They would come and go with no way to reproduce them. Still took the normal dosage of medication. Had minimal sleep the night before thanks to the flu, and consumed roughly 3-4 cups of coffee as well as other fluids, some containing caffeine.

Friday 02/22/08
Felt much better, still had minimal sleep the night before, went to work, Drank half a bottle of "5 Hour Energy" at around 9:30am and within 2 minutes felt a major flush feeling in my chest that flowed from the top down to my stomach, then followed my the shakes within 3 minutes as if blood sugar levels were low. Ate lunch, felt better, no shakes, continued my day. I had roughly two more coffees from then till around 1PM. I was slowly drinking my third when the flush feelings came again as I was driving out of the city, they started in the center or top of my chest, and flowed down, once or twice right to my feet, this was accompanied by a pressure feeling in my chest and all followed by a chill right afterwords lasting 2 seconds, with no shakes, these symptoms continued for about half and hour until I called for help fearing a heart attack (runs in my family) en route to the hospital my BP was normal, heart rate normal and not irate or fast, all well still getting these flushing or Butterfly symptoms through my body, and feeling a bit hot. My temp was checked at 37.5 C and I was given a EKG which came back normal. I was told it was caffeine overdose and sent home feeling a bit better, Today is Sunday the 24th and I have cut 90% caffeine out of my body, having only one can of coke for caffeine intake per day (Sat and Today) and had two cups of Decaf coffee each day. I ate well, and healthy, but as of today I still get the occasional minor flush feeling with a chill (one or two on Saturday and again today.) I also have a mad headache (probably from Withdrawal) and excessive tiredness and occasional dizziness. Most of the muscle pains have gone, but occasionally come and go around the same place as described earlier. I am still feeling some minor flu symptoms. Recent tests from my doctor for a chest exam came back negative, a blood test showed a somewhat high cholesterol level, and normal results for Heart disease.

Am I suffering from a Caffeine induced withdrawal or should I be looking at getting more tests done (i.e Thyroid) I was recommended by the hospital doctor to get a thyroid done and a Holter Monitor (I think I said that right)

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