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Sole numbness and purplish toes

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 18, 2008
  • 02:00 AM

I'm 51 white male, 260lb. I have a history of martial arts contact fighting and bodybuilding. Never took a steroid. Tried HGH but it did nothing. I work out a lot. Often 3 hours a day and very hard. I have a lot of muscle mass on my body and I am quite strong. I can still do situps on a 45 decline with a 100lb plate on my chest. Five years ago, I began to experience slight tingling on the bottoms of my feet. It got worse. About two years ago, I decided to take a break from my workouts. Disturbing symptoms set in. I would get a spasm in my back with my left hand seizing up like a claw. I had to press it on a flat surface to get it open and relieve the pain in my forearm. After a few weeks, that problem moved to my right. I began to feel some very very slight numbing around the ribcage. and the bottoms of my feet felt like I had broken glass just under the skin. Dr. said it likely heavy metal poisoning or MS. Blood test and brain scan were negative. The brain scan did show a stenosis in C5. Immediately, they blamed everything on that. The surgeon wanted me on the table in 48 hours. I refused because I wasn't convinced that the diagnosis was complete. They did a spinal tap and tested for over a dozen neuro problems. All negative. If I was going to have this surgery, I wasn't going to get it here in Montana. I went to UCLA and the chief of neurosurgery did the procedure himself. None of my symptoms changed. I know it can take several years. But the tingling in my feet got worse. Now I notice some bluish discoloration on the outside and end of my big toes where the nail meets the skin. It appeared simultaneously in both feet. The toes next to the big toes are showing a little discoloration as well. I have read that a cold or flue can cause this. I just got over a one-month nasty flue and this bluish toe showed up near the end of the flue. My wife, an RN, said it looks like gouty arthritis. Her friend, another RN, thought it didn't conform enough in appearance or severity to be gout. It is entirely possible that this bluish problem has nothing to do with the tingling. I'm not diabetic. My annual alcohol intake is less than a six pack every year. I eat very well and I understand nutrition. I am scared to death of more misdiagnoses. I have a pending appointment with a podiatrist. I figure he has seen more feet than any MD. Any qualified opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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