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Sick For Too Long With Too Many Symptoms

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  • Posted By: DemetriS
  • August 22, 2008
  • 00:40 AM

First off, thank you for your concern. I appreciate you reading my post because I am completely lost. My story is a little complex and so I'd like to put it into a time line, so you can understand it . I am 21 years old, don't do drugs and I live a healthy life.

When I was 16, I developed a headache that never went away. It affected my jaw, neck and forehead. Bending over would make it throb. I had chronic sinusitus at this time, I kept getting courses of anibiotics to fight sinus infections. I also had a weird spaced out feeling with my vision and was chronicly fatigued.

When I turned 19 I had all the same symptoms accept the spaced out vision. I now also had a constant tension in my shoulders, that never goes away, but does fluctuate in severity. I developed heart palpatations, and my heart rate would sky rocket just from moving a limb.

Now I'm 21. Things have gotten worst, i have all the symptoms above, and I thought they couldn't get worst. A year ago I developed a "chronic asthma." The only way to treat it is through a beta agonis rescue inhaler. cortico steroid does not work. I can't breath all day, every day. I have developed some weird neurological issues. Left side of my head and face go numb and tingle (especially when going to the bathroom). I get a weird shock feeling in my chest at random times. I get twitching in my hands and feet every couple weeks, and they ussually last for a week or so. Just recently, my ear began doing this weird thing where it crackles and flutters, every time I hear a sound. quite or loud.

I have had all heart disease rulled out. MRIS and CTS show nothing abnormal in spine and brain. Blood tests identify hypoactive thyroid and high EBV count. i have seen over 20 doctors including chiropractors, accupuncturist, natural path, etc. I havnt had eeg and ekg in over 4 years and no scans have been done with a contrast.

I need your help. Anything. Have your heard of anything like this? What was the Diagnosis? I am severely depressed and am unable to work at this point. My savings are depleting, and I need to figure this out. thank you so much for your concern.

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