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Sick and apparently getting sicker, please help

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  • Posted By: Mattingly
  • September 6, 2008
  • 05:39 AM

About a month and a half ago I was home alone when I began seeing little blobs floating across my vision. I thought I was insane, but about a half an hour later, my left foot, quickly followed by the whole leg, began going numb. I also started having serious word recall issues - I would begin sentences, and would not be able to finish them. I couldn't spell my own name, remember my mother or wife's name, etc. I was rushed to the hospital (where I was admitted), and while I was in the ambulance, the numbness began to fade. The recall issues lasted the remainder of the day, however, and during the night I developed a fever of 103 degrees. The doctors broke my fever with relative ease, and over the next several days I was given two CT scans and an MRI, plus an ultrasound of my heart. I was not, however, given a lumbar puncture, as the doctor in charge of that procedure was out (it was the weekend), and by the time he came back Monday, I was better and discharged. Although there was no definitive proof, I was diagnosed with having had encephilitis, which had cleared itself up on its own. Over the next few weeks, I felt fine but very edgy (I am extremely claustrophobic, and the closed MRI had left me with just terrifying memories). Everything appeared to be normal, when I had another, similar attack during a visit to my parent's house. This time I experience numbness alternately on both sides of the body, but the symptoms cleared up in a matter of hours. I have not had this problem since, and that was over a month ago. Two weeks ago, however, I began to feel slightly dizzy/lightheaded while in the car on the way home from my wife's parents' house. This feeling has been just about nonstop since, only going away when I sleep. Sometimes I feel slight pressure in my head (not a headache, just pressure), and I have also experienced bouts of fairly strong nausea, which usually causes me to throw up. At this point, I am completely freaked out. My symptoms aren't imagined, but I am well aware that I am focused on them and thinking about little else. I am extremely concerned that I might have some kind of rare, degenterative neurological disorder which is on the verge of robbing me of my sanity, followed by my life. My insurance expired a little over a week ago, and I cannot go to the doctor until it is renwed (which will not be for a week or so). My mother, who has been an RN for three decades, believes that a neurological disorder would likely not have been proceeded by those first, insidious attacks, but I am beginning to wonder if the two things are even linked at all. All I know is that I feel absolutely wretched, appear to not be getting better (and may be getting worse) and am terrified about what's coming next. Am I just going out of my mind, or does what I am enduring sound at all familiar to anyone? Any and all help is much appreciated. *Edit* I tried to put this into paragraphs, but for some reason it's been turned into a massive wall of text.

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