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Sick 20 Month Old

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 11, 2008
  • 11:11 PM

My son is 20 months old and is constantly sick. He was Bfed (at least partially) until 15 months and since then we have been on a rapid downhill slide. He became anemic at around 15 months, but wasn't diagnosed until he was 18 months at which time he had a hemoglobin count of 4. After a nice two day stay in the hospital and a blood transfusion, it was up to 9. After six weeks of iron replacement therapy, his hemoglobins were up to 11 (normal), finally. However the docs had him on an overdose of iron for the first two weeks (6 mg) versus (2 mg), until someone finally listened to me about the dosage. We don't get tested again until March to make sure is hemoglobins stay up. He was diagnosed with iron-deficient anemia due to drinking too much milk, poor diet, and because of his size. (80% on height and weight)

Also at 18 months I noticed that he was shaking in the morning and after nap. Finally took him to the doctor at 20 months and he was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Again due to poor diet. Feeding him French Toast Sticks immediately before bed seems to keep the sugar level up to reasonable levels.

He has also been sick constantly since 15 months. I can only recall two weeks (no not all at once) that he was healthy. When he is healthy he is a funny, outgoing, sweet little guy. But, unfortunately, I typically only see the whiny, fussy, irritable beast. Still love him to death though. He has had numerous colds, walking pnemonia, RSV, etc, etc. He has also had chronic diahrrea for the last 5 months or so, ranging from mild to severe. He has also had excema since birth but recently the flair ups have been unbelievable and unexplainable (by the docs). They just give me a stronger dose of steriods and zyrtec for him.

He eats about every two hours and is a great eater. Usually for the first couple days of a sickness he doesn't want to eat, but then he makes up for it. He eats anything and everything, fruits, veggies, breads, cupcakes. So how can he be anemic and hypoglycemic due to poor diet?

He also doesn't talk. He used to say choo-choo (for train) all the time, now it's like he doesn't remember how. He used to say mama, dada, gab (his sister), nana, quack quack (duck), moo (cow), woof (dog), and meow (cat). Now nothing, just grunts.

He has grown 1/2 inch in 9 months and has lost 3 pounds. I know that this is the timeframe where his genetics will catch up and his growth will slow, but going from off the charts at 6 months for height and weight, to (hopefully) 50 percentile for height and weight for his 2 year seems a bit extreme.

Everytime I talk to the docs the look at me like I am stupid and say if he eats better then we won't relapse...some kids just get sick more than others...his growth is normal...some kids talk late...

Please help

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