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Shoulder pain

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  • Posted By: maweitlauf
  • January 31, 2007
  • 09:28 AM

Several months ago I switched my lifting workout to include Incline and dumbell overhead press. I stopped doing these years ago because of shoulder issues, and just not enjoying them. Well, I picked them back up and it was a huge mistake. About three weeks into it I would wake up with sharp shooting pains in my shoulder joints, it felt like I was being stabbed, I had to take some major pain pills to get thru the night, ones left from my wife's c-section. After each episode, it happend twice in the left shoulder and once on the right, my arm would be mostly numb for about ten days, including my ring and middle finger. I thought I must have pinched a nerve, and then thought how odd to pinch the same nerve on both sides. I could not sleep, because I slee p on my side and it hurt too much to lay that way. I would lay awake for hours. Still do, been close to 6 months now. I finally went to a Chiropractor after about a month, no real relief, I was taking between 800-1000 mg of ibprofien a day. I completely stopped lifting, went to my Primary Care dr, there was no direct pain with any movement, just a dull aching esp at night. He took x-rays, and nothing showed up. He gave me a script for 800mg of ibrofrien in one pill. No difference, still aching all the time. Now I have 3 kids, 4, 2, and now 7 months old. It kills my shoulders to hold the baby, I can hold him for about 5 minutes it my shoulders start aching, after they start aching I have to put him down, and that will make the majority of the pain go away, but there is still a dull ache for about 6-7 hrs afterward. I went to a othorpetic, had a MRI, they said it was tendonitis. In both shoulders. Had some Cordozone shots, no help. Had more, no help. There are some nights when I can sleep on my shoulder but most I can't. So I am here 7 months into this. Still can't sleep, can't afford to keep going to a dr who just says take anti-inflam meds.

It seems weird to me that it happened in both shoulders almost immediatley, but the drs seem to dismiss it. I would really like to get thru this, get some sleep, lift again, and actually hold my baby before he is potty trained. Here I am at 4:22 in the morning, because my shoulders ache too much to sleep, even when I try on my back. I read some stuff on the internet about impingement, that might be what I have from the incline and overhead presses. Any PT exercises I can do to help this? I am tired of the wait it out mind set of the drs. I have a life that I would like to live. Kids I would like to play with ... sleep to get. The only way I can sleep now a days is too take sleep medication with pain medication. And that does not always work. I have high deductable insurance, so the dr has cost me so much, close to $1300, for a MRI and a monthly visit of keep taking anti-inflams and come back in a month.

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