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sharp pain hip area, now throbbing

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  • Posted By: maggiecat
  • July 25, 2008
  • 09:14 PM

A week ago I started getting sharp pain top of my left leg/groin/hip area that lasted for about 30 seconds. I can pinpoint exactly where the pain is coming from but the exact area is hard to describe. It only happened a couple of times but took my breath away. Yesterday it happened more often throughout the day and I could feel a pulse/blood pumping through it. I have been midly sore since then with the sharp pain coming on more frequently. Now my right hip area is a little sore too and very slightly on one side of my lower back. The pain is low in the stomach area so I don't think it is my reproductive organs. I have no idea what this could be and am almost scared of going to the doctor.:)

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  • Dudette, if you press on the pain does it go away, but when let go it comes back ? That is signs of appendicitis. It could be radiating pain. One consideration. Second consideration and more can be Bladder infectionKidney infectionOvary cystsColon issues such as diverticulitusInjury to lower spine or musclesetc. etc. So, I think the best think is to go the doc, have them run so basic blood panels for infections -- rule that out. Have a pelvic exray and ultrasound.And see what pops us. Maybe it is just a spastic colon radiating pain. But won't know until you look.:cool:
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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SciaticaIt sounds to me like it could be sciatica, which I experienced several years ago.It felt like someone was hitting me in the hip with a hammer.After spending much time and money at doctors I cured myself with regular exercise, stretching and removing a lot of stress from my life. I hope this is helpful.
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  • I don't know if this will apply to you or not. A couple of yrs back I was having alot of problems with hip pain and undx'd pelvic pain. Migrating from one side to the other and sometimes both at once. I didn't have arthritis in the hip joint.It turned out to be an inflamation in the sacroliliac joint, that ties the hips together. It can appear to be simialr to sciatica, yet give you pelvic pain too.. A pain specialist was able to help me, with an injection. I would advise you to see a good Orthopedic dr or a good pain/sports med. dr. Hope you feel better. ~~Jersey Lymie
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  • I have the same kind of pain. Exercise makes it worse. The Dr. gave me stretching exercises that made it ever worse.
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  • I had a similar pain and it turned out to be AVN (Avascular Necrosis).I ended up getting a total hip replacement. But your pain could be arthritis or anything, really. You should go to the doctor and get a simple x-ray. Then you can narrow it down.If it's inflammatory then it may be arthritic or an infection. If it's non-inflammatory then you should rule out something like AVN. But it's better to catch some of these things early. So while I realize this thread was started quite a while ago, if anyone is having this kind of pain please... go get an x-ray.
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    • October 16, 2009
    • 09:39 PM
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  • Did you have any surgery before the pain started? I have something similar and I just had a hysterectomy/bladder repair/rectum repair 6 months ago. I'm thinking they could have messed something up when they were in there. (pinched a nerve or something)
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  • i had an issue with sharp and sometimes achey hip pain expecially when i was walking, over time it progressed till i couldnt weight bear on my leg as it hurt my hip too much. When i went to the physio, it turned out that i didnt even have a hip issue but had a bad back and the pain was being refered from there and manifesting in my hip, (i didnt even notice it in my back, i really thought it was my hip). In my case the physio fixed over time by working on my back (after ruling out it being my hip). i suggest to see a physio as they can be better at dealing at such things than a doctor.
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