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Several Undiagnosed Problems: ear fullness, back pain, knee lock, hip dislocation,

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  • Posted By: Mayflowerq
  • December 19, 2013
  • 04:31 PM

I am a healthy 26 year old female 112lbs and I try to exercise regularly. I eat pretty healthy. EAR FULLNESS: The problems started after I have a very bad outter ear infection, yes my ear canal. It reduced my hearing in one ear by 50% and the other by 70% it took 10 days of **** kicking antibiotics and painful eardrops to get rid of it and still a month later it was finally clear up but I have had residual problems now. when ever I take a shower, go swimming or wash my hair, etc any time my ears get wet have sharp ear pain, aching and feels like my ears are full of fluid and it has affected my ears being able to translate sounds into words. I had an ear test and my hearing is said to be average but there is crackling in my ears and a very minor change in balance. BACK PAIN: I work an office job and after a about two weeks I begin to have a know in my upper back hurts in a sharp jabs with ache on all of it. my lower back spine pinches nerves and then it is hard for me to sit for long periods of time or dance which is my passion and hobby. I cannot wear high heels except on rare occasions. It started when I fell from a pine tree and landed on my back, I was about two stories high. It is cronic. KNEE PROBLEMS MY knees lock up and my knee will be bent and then there is
excruciating pain scale 1-10 10 worst, it is a 9. and it feels like crunching and then if I can relax a little and extend my leg than it release slowly but I limp for a few minutes after that. it really messes with my favorite hobby of ballet and ballroom dancing. If I regularly exercise it happens then once I am in a routine its not a frequent but when I do a lot of physical activity it begins to do it more often. I cannot tell if exercise helps or makes it worse but doing no physical stuff does not hurt it but then when I start physically working out its hurts but I cant just not doing anything. I love to dance but plies and kneeling make the locking worse. HIP PROBLEMS I have hip problems because I will be walking
and my hip will grind out and then back in place, usually it goes back in . I JUST WANT TO ENJOY MY LIFE WITHOUT ALL THIS PAIN!

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