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Several different symptoms

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  • Posted By: M&Ms
  • October 26, 2009
  • 06:43 PM

Hello, I have several different symptoms and am unsure whether they are related or not. Or if I should be worrying about this. My father thought I should look around just to be safe and I ran into this website. I've heard good things and thought I would give it a shot! I apologize in advance if anything is confusing, I will try and make it as clean as possible!

First, I am only 20 years old and weigh 120 lbs. Some of these symptoms I don't think I should be having at this age. Doctors always say I'm healthy as a horse, and yet I have all these problems I feel on a daily basis.


-Head: I get headaches here and there, not usually all that bad. But it sometimes feels like there's pressure. There is history of migraines in my family, however, I have not gotten those for awhile now. Its just usually the pressure or a throbbing.

-Chest: I have various chest pains that range from uncomfortable/dull to excruciating. It isn't always in the same spot either. Sometimes it is smack dab in the center of my chest near my heart, but nothing is wrong with my heart. I had an EKG, Holter Monitor, and Thyroid test for this and all was good. Other times it will hurt where my ribs are. Today, for example, it was exruciating and making it somewhat hard to breathe because of the pain. It kinda felt like.. a fire maybe. The pain was all centered on one spot but I could feel pain in other spots nearby. Doctors have no idea what the cause of these pains are either.

-Legs/Knees: When going up stairways my knees will gradually hurt worse and worse. By the time I near the top they hurt so bad I have to force myself to the top. With this, brings about heavy and fast breathing. It generally takes awhile for it to go back to normal.

-Hands/Feet: My hands and feet are generally very cold all the time, and both my hands and feet go numb rather easily. If I sit or lay on it for a short period of time it goes numb. Unless that's normal.

-Heartrate/Pulse: Not sure if this is relevant or not. My heart generally seems to beat faster than normal. It is still within range but sometimes it beats so hard/fast that it makes it uncomfortable to the point I have to lie down. Another thing is I will be sitting at the computer, for example, and my heart will start racing which in turn makes my chest hurt. It is quite possible that my heart may be skipping a beat from time to time, but I cannot be sure.

-Memory/Speech/Communication: This part I am not entirely sure on, as I am still monitoring this. My memory seems to be worse than it ever used to be. I forget things I shouldn't, or wouldn't have in the past. Even things I write down I have trouble remembering unless I go and look at it. I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast usually. My speech, was never all that great in the first place but I could at least say what I knew I wanted to say. Lately, I will have what I want to say in my mind and when I speak something else will come out. (Ex. I was eating with family and someone joked about how it was my fault everyone had wanted ice cream and I was going to comment back on that, saying it was the ice cream not me. And all I said was "I'm not Icecream") Maybe I am making a big deal out of something that is normal. I really don't know. And communication in general, well, when I say this I am referring to when I type. I used to be a proficient typist and rarely needed to go back and correct myself. Now, I have to keep a close eye because I mess up more than I should. Or I will be thinking about what I am typing and instead of typing what I originally wanted, I will type a completely different word.

-Nose/Mouth: I have had blood in my nose for a little while now. It seems to have increased in how much I have in my nose. The doctor said my nose is probably dry, and yet I have a stuffy/runny nose. Yes, sometimes the blood is dry and crusty. But generally it will be wet or even in globs of wet blood. I don't really understand why. As for my mouth, I've had this cough for quite awhile now and it hasn't gone away. At least for a few months I've had this cough. Recently, I was diagnosed with a Sinus Infection and was given antibiotics for it. However, after the first dosage there was no improvement, and none after the second dosage either (they doubled it too).

-Skin: My skin has been peculiar as of lately. My skin used to be so nice and smooth and its bumpy in multiple spots now. Mostly my legs, there are bumpy spots on my arms too though. I did have bad sunburn on my legs about a year ago, but I don't think that could be the cause, could it? And if I touch/scratch my skin in the slightest I will get raised bumps in various shapes and it will itch like crazy. I also get raised bumps on my skin for no reason too though. I will notice it on accident. The two times I've noticed it was when I was feeling really warm and in a rush to get to class on time; both times it was on my hand.

Well, those are my symptoms as far as I can remember. I hope I described them properly. Please help. I would like assurance, or information, about what is going on with my body.

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