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Seven Years and no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: sweetnana01
  • September 10, 2008
  • 08:21 PM

I am a 43 year old female who has been having strange symptoms for sthe last seven years. It all started with dibilitating pain in the left side of my face with a sudden 60% hearing loss in right ear at the same time. After seeing Oral Surgeons, Dentist, ENT and Neurologist I was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. I had been on antibiotics every day for 1 1/2 years along with repeated doses of steroids. I was subjected to a hearing test and cat scan of my sinuses every week for this year and a half. When I changed ENT's the new doctor ran scope up my sinuses, and told me I had no sinus infection (this was what the antibiotics were for), but the sinus X-ray he took did show a sinus infection and to this day if I have an MRI, Cat Scan or X-Ray of my head it shows a cloud over left cheek bone.I later began to suffer from extreme fatigue along with some hair loss. When I went to GP he ran a series of test and found +3 blood in my urine and tested positive for ANA antibodies. He sent me to Urologist and Rheumetologist after the Rheumotologist took 15 vials of blood he told me that I had no rheumatoid disese and the urologist could find no reason for the blood in my urine. The GP then decided to put me on synthroid for my fatigue and hair loss even though test results on thyroid were normal and he sent me to a Nephrologist who determined I had a cyst on each kidney and damage from a strep infection in my kidneys. After all of this, my GP moved out of town and transferred my records to a new GP and I ahd began to have swelling in my left leg and the leg felt tingly and heavy. I also began to have sweeling in the left arm with what I call nerve pain in both the leg and arm. I had no trauma to the leg or arm. Once again I was sent to a Rheumatologist and Urologist and was given the same diagnosis as the previous visits. In the mean time, I developed a purplish rash on my legs and arms (both sides) and was sent to a dermatologist and was diagnosed with levido reticularis. Was also having floater and shooting stars in my eyes along with lightheadness and forgetfullness along with the fact the I could not be in the heat without my muscles becoming so weak I need help to get back in the house, so the doctor then sent me to a Neurologist who ran a series of blood test, evoked response test and spinal tap. Results showed that the right eye had nerve damage but was negative for MS. Then doctor sent me to an endocrinologist who basically told me I need to quit going to doctor's that with my wide range of symptoms no doctor would be able to diagnos me with any know disease and if it was going to kill me in five years I did not want to know any way. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions of what tiype of doctor to go to next please, please let me know.

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