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  • Posted By: k333ly
  • October 20, 2008
  • 05:33 PM

So after a year of ***l they diagnose me with hypothyroidism and COPD? At 20 years old I SHOULD NOT HAVE COPD! That's insane! X-ray looks fine, but Pulmonary function test shows early stages. Doctor's appt tomorrow. :confused:

Symptoms that get worse and worse and drive me more and more insane and it's just because of those two diseases. Yes, I have a negative ANA, but what the f? (Sorry, for sounding rude!)
-Joint pain (hands, wrist, knees, and ankles) sometimes to the point where I can't walk. Maybe a side effect of the Tegretol, right?
-Seizures, still, even now that I've been off Wellbutrin for quite a while now!
-COPD and asthma!? ....wait, what?
-Photosensitivity. I'm out in the sun for 10 flipping minutes and I get a red spotty rash all over the place.
-When I get out of the shower or excersize everyone freaks because I have a red rash across my face that doesn't go away for hours. Thanks make-up.
-TIRED. TIRED. TIRED. I can't run anymore and I have to stop to make it up the stairs.
-Chest pain all the time
-PAC- heart murmur
-Livedo Reticularis, and they're trying to say Raynaud's too, but I beg to differ. This is all over purple, not just my darn hands and feet.
-Blood pressure last week was 167/88
-CONSTANTLY SICK! cellulitis, meninigitis, sinus infections, ear infections, chest infections, I catch everything and anything that goes around. Just stopped taking antibiotics and refused them, because my immune system is just going to get worse!
-So...easily...bruised. I'm sick of getting asked if I get beat, bleed a ton when I cut myself shaving, but my blood clots up before I can even give a full bag of blood at the donors??
-mental fogginess, loose track of things, could be the thyroid

Currently on (now)
-Synthroid for thyroid.
-Ortho Tri Cyclen (4 years now)
-Tegretol (For seizures, may be causing joint pain???)
-Tramadol for all over pain
-Prescription Prenatal vitamins (Natalcare) after a blood test (huh? I'm not pregnant, but I guess I'm that vitamin deficient?)
-Prednisone, 10 mg x2 day, only thing that helps me breathe!!! it even took away these weird red irregular bumps on my elbows but gave me new ones on my legs....tongue kinda swelling too...
-Advair, couldn't breathe still with it
-Albuterol- throat closing, and "holy crap I can't breathe! attacks"
-Valium and Ativan- Just as needed, not too happy right now. :o

So now what?! I know I need to quit smoking and drinking - getting there, slow progress. But how could anybody get COPD at 20?!! It doesn't run in my family, no lung issues do!!!

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