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Sensitive, chronic swollen right eye - fluctuating vision. What is it???

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  • Posted By: CSPENCER
  • October 15, 2008
  • 07:46 PM

Back in March I had conjunctivitis in the right eye, so I went to the GP and they put flurosceine (orange) drops in my right eye only which was already inflamed, to see if I had damaged my cornea. I hadn't. Minutes after my right eye swelled up hugely and remained very puffed up, red, teary for a few days. I also got conjuncitvitis inthe left eye but this was way more tolerable than the right eye - I put it down to a reaction from the drops.
Gradually the infection cleared and my eyes were ok, but a month after I was booked in for laser eye surgery which went ahead as the optician was happy with my eyes. I have had a history of some dry eye from contact lens use so after the surgery my eyes were very very dry so I had to use Blink drops every minute or two, hence I became too sensitive to the preservative in the eye drops. I was given preservative free blink drops which were great. When I was allowed to wear make up again after the surgery, I started noticing my vision was blurry - I realised that a day after make up removal, my right eye was sensitive, red and the vision remained blurry for 1-2 weeks until it reverted to a good level of vision I had received from the laser, however if make up was worn and eye make up remover used the vision became worse for up to 2 weeks even with no make up on during that time.
I changed my make up to clinique - tested on 2000 people etc. and make up remover with pH same as eye and it seemed ok, but lately the vison is remaining blurry with maybe one good day of vision from my right eye only. Throughout this ordeal, it is only my right eye which is the problem. I went back to Optical Express many times - they have just 'diagnosed' me with blepharitis, although I do not have any of the 'scaly' symptoms or flakes.
My symptoms are: red right eye lid, usually slightly inflamed, red eye, dry gritty eye, 'ghosting' or shaddowing around words, halos around lights in poor lighting with better vision in natural light. Even using drops now does not always relieve the vision fluctuations - they feel dry all the time. I have been using celluvisc drops ffrom time to time but I feel the drops are 'pushed' out of my right eye - like there is no room under the eyelid for extra liquid as it is swollen a bit - the drops do not seem to circulate properly.
I am currently also cleaning eye lids day and night with sodium bicarb and diluted johnsons baby shampoo, however since doing my right eye seems to be worse! It blurrs up and the lid gets slightly swollen with any sort of chemical near it - not instantly but a day or so later. I am feeling really frustrated as I don't think I have blepharitis....
My vision tends to be better first thing in the morning and eye lid is not red - the end of the day is the worst and at work if I do not use drops - I work ina hospital on wards so maybe the air conditioning.
The vision is so variable in the right eye I feel I am alsmos - 7 myopic again in the right eye but when sight is tested they say it is 20:20 but dry eyes from blepharitis are accentuating blurred vision from astigmatism.
Why is it my right eye only? I s it highly sensitive from the conjunctivitis and flurosciene drops?
Will I ever get the benefits from the good vision that I know is present when eye is less irritated?
Why is the vision fluctuating and drops not helping with the dry eye?
I am so confused! Help!

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