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Seems nervous or mental, I am frustrated

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 3, 2008
  • 09:15 AM

I can't figure out what's wrong with me. 21/female, in decent shape as I get walking exercise quite often and am fairly slim, but not at all muscular. Taking birth control for 5 years or so now. These symptoms have been bothering me for only a year or two now:

- I seem to have restless legs (hard feeling to describe, just feels like I need to stretch a lot). It's mainly in my legs but is often all over my body, just milder.

- When I am bored or tired or understimulated, I become itchy in random places. Often. It feels like a lot more than normal. It makes it hard to sleep sometimes. This only started a year or two ago. I get it in class, while on the computer, on the bus, while sitting and chatting with friends, and especially in bed. I can't figure out if it's physical or all in my head, since it seems to present in physical and mental ways.

- It's a bit embarassing but the only way to explain it - I feel hypersensitive to touch in many areas but specifically my nipples. I used to love having my boyfriend play with them but now they simply feel extremely uncomfortable when played with. This general feeling can often extend all over my body, as though I'm extremely ticklish, but it's not really a tickly feeling, just very uncomfortable. It especially presents when I am lightly touched. A firm touch isn't as bad. As a person who loves being touched it is frustrating.

- I seem to lose sensation (tingling pins-and-needles) in my limbs fairly easily. Mostly my arms but sometimes my legs and even my buttocks. I have had pins-and-needles in my arms simply from wearing a light backpack for 15 minutes. If I lean against my arm or lay on it, it turns pins and needles fairly soon. I often wake up in the middle of the night finding that whatever position I had been in was causing a limb to fall asleep, arm or leg or both... sometimes fairly intense. I've had periods where I am scared to move my arm back into a proper position because I cannot feel it whatsoever, and so can't tell if I'm moving it the wrong way, possibly turning it in an awkward way... I wouldn't be able to tell.

I think, but am not sure, that I have some tiredness and lack of energy but it's hard for me to tell or remember what's normal. My memory has never been the best. It comes and goes.

Does anything match this? Does anyone have ideas? I was a vegetarian for 10 years but ceased after about a year since my doctor told me that I was low on B12 and iron. I took supplements and my levels returned to normal, and was told to continue supplements. The problems didn't fix from the elevated levels so I'm guessing it's not anemia unless my blood is lying? Is that possible? Are these even symptoms of anemia? The funny thing is, my doctor told me that I was nearly anemic, though I had never (prior to that point) experienced lack of energy or tiredness. I have only recently now that my blood levels are normal.

Please help. I'm so confused and frustrated. These problems bother me a lot. If it helps, I might be succeptible to OCD or something becuase I seem to have a nervous personality (my hands must always be doing something or they will pick my toenails, fingernails, face, and hair to shreds - I battled with my fingernails for years an finally managed to cease biting them, and have sinced moved on to ONLY picking at my toenails and no biting of the fingernails.) I also seem to have social anxiety but I've never been diagnosed as such since I function all right in social situations - in other words it's not debilitating, but I do suffer the anxiety of it. It's kind of like I force myself to do it because I don't want an isolated life.

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